Angela Nicole Holbrook

"Communications Coordinator" -- Angela is a Writing and Digital Media Communications expert with 6+ years of experience. She is also known for fun and energetic presentations that she presents at conventions across the country. Angela uses a friendly and informational style of communication, which helps others to learn new concepts without feeling overwhelmed.

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From Vine To Facebook: Spend The Morning With Brittlestar

By Angela Nicole Holbrook on Jun 2, 2017 1:27:00 PM

With the launch of Facebook’s scheduling API in Fall 2016, a new form of live video began to grow: Live Shows. Many live broadcasters have produced shows in the past, but these shows were streamed at random times . As a result, it was hard to get routine live viewers.
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Group Streaming Comes To Facebook Live

By Angela Nicole Holbrook on May 19, 2017 1:54:00 PM

Every day, people stream live to their Personal Profiles and Business Pages. While there are older options like YouTube and Twitch, Facebook Live is now a common place for live video. These live broadcasts are easy to set up and are easy for friends and fans alike to view.
But what if you only want to stream to a few people, rather than to all of your Facebook friends? What if you are doing specialized broadcasts for a fitness group or a book club that's not for public view?
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New Event Streaming With Facebook Live

By Angela Nicole Holbrook on May 18, 2017 2:00:00 PM

Most Facebook users have seen a Facebook Event before.
Sometimes, it's an invite to a family reunion by a beloved relative. Or it might be a reminder of the local rock band's next performance in your town's arena. Other times, it's as simple as an RSVP for your best friend's birthday party.
As such, Facebook Events are one of the best ways to organize large groups of people together!
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Get The Most Out Of Facebook Live Comments

By Angela Nicole Holbrook on May 17, 2017 2:00:00 PM

When broadcasting on Facebook Live, comments will pour in from viewers. Some viewers will simply greet you with a comment. Other viewers may ask questions about your services or products. More savvy viewers will also offer suggestions for new product and service upgrades.
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The Benefits Of Facebook Live's Contributor Role

By Angela Nicole Holbrook on May 16, 2017 2:00:00 PM

Live video has become crucial to businesses, entertainers, and laymen alike, with social media networks pushing the idea that “going live” is both the best way to get your ideas across and the best way to interact with your audience. Facebook has Facebook Live, YouTube has YouTube Now, and sites solely dedicated to streaming such Periscope and Twitch have become huge contenders in how people obtain videos.

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Over Makes Lower-Third Graphics a Breeze

By Angela Nicole Holbrook on Mar 22, 2017 3:21:00 PM

While amazing graphics can be created with traditional programs such as Adobe Photoshop and online replica websites such as Pixlr, it can be challenging to create a graphic from scratch and then load it into Switcher Studio, especially for those new to mobile video creation and graphic design. As a result, many users spend their time searching the App Store for graphics creation tools to help them create their graphics right there on their iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches.

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Switcher at Summit.Live 2017

By Angela Nicole Holbrook on Mar 3, 2017 4:25:00 PM

The annual Summit.Live conference took place from Feb. 22-Feb. 24, 2017, in sunny Los Angeles, California. Many speakers including David Basulto, Luria Petrucci, and Ross Brand took to the stage to educate their audiences on how to make bigger and better livestreams for their brands and their businesses.

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Featured User: Tim Flannagan, “The Video Guy”

By Angela Nicole Holbrook on Feb 14, 2017 2:30:00 PM

To many people, livestreaming is a hobby. Or it’s “that new fad” that people are obsessed with on Facebook. Whether on Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, or more, live video has been everywhere for the past few years, and it is being used for virtually all reasons. Want to see how a friend’s vacation is going? They might be streaming it. Bored in an airport waiting on your flight? Boot up your phone and share your boredom with friends and family. Live video is definitely making social media easy.

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Featured User: Steve Steele

By Angela Nicole Holbrook on Dec 26, 2016 3:05:00 PM

With the hustle and bustle of daily life, it is important to really take some time to yourself. Focus on the simpler things. Meditate. Push away your worries for just a little bit in order to gain some real peace of mind. These few minutes a day can really help to recharge your internal “battery” and to help you focus properly on what is needed to get through the rest of the day. For many people, this relief comes from nature. The simplicity of nature is a direct contrast from what we normally experience in day-to-day life, and that peacefulness and serenity can help one's mind to get its bearings back on track.

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Featured User: Andy Mammers

By Angela Nicole Holbrook on Dec 19, 2016 2:28:00 PM

When picking a musician to headline your event, you want someone who is adaptable. Instead of someone who will play the same repertoire of songs regardless of the situation, you need someone who can take both the mood of the room and the theme of the event into account and choose their songs and style of music based on that. For anyone Down Under, we have just the musician for you. After touring throughout the South Pacific for quite sometime, Andy Mammers has now settled down in his native Australia, and plays for many weddings, clubs, and other events each and every month. Proudly endorsed by products manufacturer D’Addario and audio solutions specialists KV2 Audio, Mammers is a musician who shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon! 

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