What is the Facebook Creator App?
  • Facebook Creator app replaces the Facebook Mentions app. The Mentions app was available for celebrities only, but the new Creator app is available for everyone.
  • You can manage comments from Facebook and Instagram, and messages from Messenger in one inbox.
  • Find insights and analytics about your video performance, Page and audience.
  • The app allows you to create videos and live broadcasts.
  • Includes a desktop Live Creative Kit to add customizable video intros, outros, stickers and frames.
Where can I stream?
  • Your personal profile or an Artist, Band or Public Figure Page that you administer.
  • You must select where you want to stream when you first setup the Creator app.
  • You can select to stream to your Timeline, Story or Timeline + Story.
  • Streaming to your Story means people can only watch while you are live.
  • If you link your timeline and want to stream to a page you must log-out of the Creator app.
  • You will not be able to stream to a business Page, Group or Event with the Creator app

*NOTE: You may need to switch your page to a Video Creator Page by going to Page Settings>Edit Page>Video Creator.

Who can use it?
  • The Facebook Creator app is available globally for all users.
What orientation will my live videos be?
  • Video will be shown as 9:16 vertical
  • 16:9 landscape streaming does not appear to be available as an option 
What format does my video intro and outro need to be?
  • Your video intro and outro will need to be 9:16 vertical and MUST have audio
  • Intro video cannot be longer than 180 seconds, 90 seconds recommended
  • Outro video cannot be longer than 60 seconds, 30 seconds recommended
How do I add video intros and outros?
  • You can add video intros and outros using the Live Creative kit:
    • Login to your Facebook account from your computer
    • Click Settings, then select Videos> Live Creative Kit.
    • If you're going live from a profile, click Video Settings and click on Create in the Live Creative Kit section.
What will my viewers see?
  • Within the timeline viewers will see a 1:1 square preview
  • When clicked to view the full video, it is shown as 9:16 vertical for full screen playback
What devices can I use to stream using the Facebook Creator App?
  • The Facebook Creator app is currently available for iPhone only. It appears that an Android app is forthcoming.

For more information see Facebook's announcement at https://newsroom.fb.com/news/2017/11/announcing-new-tools-for-the-creator-community/