Get rid of your computer!

KineMaster and Switcher Studio. Combined, these two apps make creating and editing mobile video easier than ever before. No more transferring files to a computer. No more syncing every angle. No more hassle.   

Every aspect of creating and editing video can be done within the Switcher Studio and KineMaster apps.

If you are reading this on our blog, you are probably aware of the great features in Switcher Studio, but just in case, here is the quick list.

Switcher Studio allows you to create dynamic [live] video by:

The list goes on. These features make Switcher Studio the best way to go live to places like Facebook using mobile devices.

Now let’s say you have finished a Facebook Live post. Created a multi-angle production using Switcher Studio, and now want to go back and edit your video.

Well, the traditional way of doing this would be to: 1. Drag your files off each device onto a computer. 2. Bring them into your video editor of choice. 3. Sync each clip up on the timeline. 4. And then start editing.

Let’s speed up that process, and remove the need for a computer completely.

This is where KineMaster shines.

KineMaster is a professional mobile video editor. It allows you to add multiple audio and video tracks, trim your video clips and even access more advanced settings like color correcting.  For basic video editing, it has everything you need.

Both Switcher Studio and KineMaster are great on their own, but what about if we put the two together?

Now you can take your videos made using Switcher Studio, and transfer them into KineMaster. This means that not only does your completed video from Switcher Studio show up in KineMaster, but all the cuts you made live will be there.  This integration allows you to fine tune your edits and fix mistakes you might have made live.

Instead of starting from scratch when editing you have an almost complete video ready to go.

*Note: The current integration between Switcher Studio and KineMaster only transfers the video files and cuts made while recording.  We are working hard to bring an update that will transfer the other graphic assets and effects.