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Not a programmer? Not a problem. Switcher video players have a simple copy-and-paste code block that’s easy to add to any webpage.

Ready to expand your brand? Switcher’s built-in Multistreaming functionality means you can stream to your site while streaming to destinations like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and more.

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customize the look

Add your logo and choose a color palette for elements like buttons, controls, and more. 

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Decide what your site visitors see when you’re not streaming to a Switcher video player. Select a featured video, highlight your most recent livestream, or build hype with a countdown to your next event.

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Engage viewers, drive action

Viewers can watch your video in theater mode or click into the interactive mode to explore the Player’s popout menu. Add your video description, then add links for promotions, donations and tithing platforms, and more. 


Boost shopify sales

Sell on Shopify? Now you can sell live with video. Our Shopify integration, Cartr, allows Shopify merchants to connect their store with the Switcher Studio iOS app. Your viewers can shop from the Player’s popout menu, either live or after your stream ends.


Upload videos and create playlists

No more ads and no more platform-determined suggestions for what to “Watch Next — your website is your platform. Save past livestreams, even upload your own videos, to curate a playlist of recommendations.

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Store content in the cloud

Free up those gigs: The Switcher Cloud allows you to save, download, and store your Switcher productions. 

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Photo of Terri Walsh
“I urge you to consider moving back to your space - your website. With Switcher Studio by your side, the journey is not just easy but incredibly rewarding. There’s power in ownership: No sharing of revenue, no sudden policy changes. Everything I earn is mine to keep.”
Terri Walsh
Photo of Jon McLeod
“I use Switcher and the Switcher Player to host virtual events. Switcher allows me to create professional presentations, and the Switcher Player allows me to make them private so I can sell tickets. Plus, being able to upload pre-recorded videos and compile a library of content means I don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel to share my work. It's my go-to tool.”
Jon McLeod
Video Producer

4.6 out of 5

Rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 2k Reviews on the Apple App Store.