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Built-In Multistreaming
Meets Your Audience Where They Are

All your destinations — just one stream.



Multistreaming with Switcher

When you multistream, you meet your audience where they are. Switcher's built-in Multistreaming feature means your livestream reaches way more viewers — without any additional software or steps.


Reach multiple streaming platforms with just one event.

Select up to 30 destinations when you create a Multistream with Switcher, dramatically increasing your reach without any additional multistreaming software.


Multistream to nearly any destination.

Switcher offers direct integrations with nearly every major social media and video hosting platform. That means you can stream to Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch, Microsoft Stream, and more — all at the same time.


Even multistream to your website.

Switcher’s embeddable online video players allow users to include webpages and private URLs in their list of Multistreaming destinations. Grow your audience, then direct them to your dot-com.


Use Custom RTMP to multistream to nearly any other platform.

Trying to reach a platform without a direct Switcher integration? It’s easy to set up a Custom RTMP channel to reach the platform of your choice.

Why Multistream With Switcher?

What makes Multistreaming with Switcher the best choice for content creators, merchants, podcasters — and pretty much anyone else with an audience?


Boost your reach

Multistreaming is all about expanding your brand and reaching your audience where they are. Creators multistream with Switcher to grow their audience on multiple streaming platforms without creating multiple videos. Plus, viewers can tune in from their preferred channel, improving their experience, wherever they watch.

If you use the Switcher Player to embed your production on your website, you can also use Multistreaming to drive traffic to your domain. This is incredibly powerful for live sellers and creators who drive sales or capture leads on their websites.


Streamline viewer engagement

Now that you have a larger audience, you need a way to engage it. When you multistream with Switcher, comments from YouTube and Facebook are visible right in the Switcher app. That makes it easy to respond to viewer comments and questions — and you can even display comments on-screen.

Cloud storage for Switcher productions

When you multistream with Switcher, your productions are automatically saved to your Dashboard. You can save, download, and edit your Switcher productions, or just pin them to save for later.

FAQs about Multistreaming with Switcher

Nope! Multistreaming with Switcher uses exactly the same amount of bandwidth as streaming to a single destination. Whether you’re streaming just to the Switcher Player, or to 30 different platforms, your viewers’ experience is consistent. 
Switcher has direct integrations with four major streaming destinations: Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and Microsoft Stream. On Facebook, you can stream to profiles, groups, and pages. In addition to these major integrations, you can use Custom RTMP to stream to almost any other destination. You can also multistream to your own website (or a unique URL) by using the Switcher Player.
Switcher subscribers at the Studio level can stream to two different destinations at once. At the Business tier, subscribers can reach 20 destinations. Merchant subscribers can multistream to 30 destinations at once. If you need even more Multistreaming destinations, contact our Sales Team about creating a custom solution.
Note: If you’re Multistreaming to Facebook Live, Crossposting to multiple Facebook pages doesn’t count against your Multistreaming destinations. 

4.6 out of 5

Rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 2k Reviews on the Apple App Store.


Photo of Jon McLeod
“I multistream to YouTube, Facebook, and the Switcher Player every single week so I can reach my different audiences where they are. I love that I don't have to worry about multiple productions or the quality of the stream — With Switcher, I know the experience will be uniform across every platform. I saw a 10% increase in subscribers almost immediately after I started using Switcher. It’s easy for me to produce more content with a higher production value, and it’s easy for my audience to find the content. My team and I depend on Switcher Studio.”
Jon McLeod
Video Producer