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Livestream and Embed your radio show

Video didn’t kill the radio star … it brought it to life. With Switcher Studio, it’s easy for radio stations to innovate, go digital, and expand reach using video. Livestream and embed your radio show on your website. Multistream your live broadcast to all of your social media platforms. Create multicamera videos capturing your radio hosts in real time, plus way more!

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Radio doesn’t just live on the airways anymore — it also lives on your website! Increase your online radio visibility, listenership, and way more when you embed videos on your website. Switcher Player is a white-label video player that’s easy to customize and embed on almost any webpage. Upload videos or livestream to your domain, creating a branded internet radio station. 

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Whether your supporters watch live or on-demand, you can start earning money on any video, livestream, or collection of videos hosted on the Switcher Player. Enable Gated Content, pick the video content you want to sell, and the price you want to charge. Sell just one video, a whole playlist of content, and even sell tickets to live broadcasts and events.

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Whether in-studio or on-site, Switcher is fully mobile

Get more out of your existing content by streaming live video while you’re on-air — and build audience loyalty by turning listeners into viewers too. Switcher Studio lets you stream and live-edit a multicamera show with just iPhones and iPads, so you get a polished stream with zero post-production time.

By streaming your radio show live to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, or your own site, you’ll reap tons of online engagement and loyalty without duplicating efforts. And Switcher empowers you or your existing staff to be the video producers, no hiring required.

Plus, you can include sponsor logos or commercials in your livestream to monetize your new medium. Livestreaming preserves the real-time appeal of radio while adding the interaction and engagement possible only online through on-screen comments, Video Chat, and more.

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Want to use a mirrorless camera, DSLR, cinema camera, or GoPro in your Switcher productions? Our direct integration with Accsoon SeeMo makes it easy.  

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Switcher Studio and Accsoon Seemo

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Hear Corus Entertainment's
Streaming Story

Corus Entertainment is equipping its radio stations with livestreaming tool Switcher Studio, enabling them to reach new audiences with professional-quality live video.

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Switcher Shoutouts

Kaleb Smith

"I recently made the decision to do multicamera Facebook Lives at the radio station I produce. I found this wonderful app and decided to check it out. The trial was so amazing that we just purchased it and use it multiple times a week."

KALEB SMITH, Radio Producer at 99 KUPI

Sarah Kelsey

"Announcers might not have someone there to set them up with proper camera angles or lighting. Switcher is really great because it’s just a simple hit of a button, and then they can shoot really great social video."

SARAH KELSEY, Senior Manager of Smart Living and Entertainment for GlobalNews.ca and Corus Radio

Bill Stephens

"We have been able to strengthen the relationships between the local athletics and other organizations we have streamed."

BILL STEPHENS, News and Public Affairs Director at WSON