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Take your worship services to the community with immersive multicamera livestreaming productions. Our powerful software makes it simple to create and share dynamic, high-quality live (and recorded) video content.

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Why Livestream Church and Worship Services?

Livestreaming connects your worship community members wherever they are. With video, you reach your neighbors and newbies, your world-travelers and third-shifters, your homebound and hospitalbound. And with Switcher Studio, your livestreamed services look better and go farther.

Immerse Viewers

Produce high-quality multicamera video on iPhones and iPads. Edit live, switch angles, add graphics, and more.


Build Community

Record video, multistream to nearly any platform, or embed a Switcher video player and stream right to your website.


Share and Grow

Share, inspire, and connect with members. With Switcher Player, you can even collect tithes in real time.

Why Use Switcher Studio to Livestream
Church Services?

Switcher Studio makes it easy to create a livestreamed church service with higher production value, more impact, and further reach. See why Switcher is the most well-rounded end-to-end video solution for houses of worship.

Elevate your livestreams – not your budget

With Switcher, you can capture your worship service from up to 9 angles using just iPhones and iPads. Edit your stream in real time: add text, switch angles, or roll in videos like openers or sermon teasers. You can even include scripture or lyric slides in a picture-in-picture layout.  

Best of all, Switcher is easy enough to be run by your A/V or worship team or a volunteer. And since it works entirely with iOS devices, that means there’s no need to hire outside videographers or purchase expensive equipment. (Can we get a hallelujah?)

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Reach your members where they are

Video production is just one part of the puzzle: You also need to make sure your livestreamed church service can actually be seen by your members (or potential members). Luckily, our seamless platform integrations let you connect instantly to Facebook, YouTube, and almost anywhere else. You can even use the embeddable Switcher Player to stream directly to your own website. Plus, our built-in Multistreaming feature means you can reach your audiences on any of these destinations — at the same time, with the same stream.

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Multistreaming Worship with Switcher Studio


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Create a content channel with Switcher Player

You know that Switcher Player allows you to stream directly to your own website, but it can do so much more. The Switcher Player is a white-label HTML5 video player that can be embedded on almost any webpage. In addition to your livestream, you can add information about the service, interactive links, and even connect online giving platforms so viewers can tithe without ever leaving the video experience.

You can create as many Switcher Players as you want, upload prerecorded videos to your Switcher Player, and create playlists of content. If you have premium or private content, you can even put videos behind a paywall.

If you don’t have a website, you can still stream directly to a private link with Switcher Player, allowing you to avoid the ads and content recommendations that come with streaming to public video hosting platforms.

Learn More About Switcher Player
Livestream Worship with Switcher Studio Livestream Worship with Switcher Studio

With Switcher, your production grows with you

It’s easy to get started with Switcher: Just one iPhone or iPad is all you need to start streaming live today. But, Switcher is the most versatile livestreaming production software around. Invite remote guests, add interactive elements, sell live, even connect mirrorless or DSLR cameras to your Switcher production.

Explore Switcher Features
Livestream Worship with Switcher Studio


The Complete Guide to Livestreaming Your Church Services

The idea of livestreaming your church services may feel daunting, but fear not. This guide covers all the basics of livestreaming in simple terms. You’ll learn about cameras and multicam switchers, support and audio, and encoding and networking — helping you understand the process from start to finish. And at the end, you’ll get a glimpse of Switcher Studio, which provides an easy, affordable way to livestream your church services using devices you likely already own.

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How to livestream your church services guide cover.

Case Study: Life Church

Does Switcher really work for houses of worship? See how Life Church is using Switcher Studio to livestream their services — and share the gospel with their Miami community and beyond — without busting their budget.


4.6 out of 5

Rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 2k Reviews on the Apple App Store.

Made with Switcher

Switcher Shoutouts

Photo of Natalie June
“Switcher Studio made it easy for us to simply upgrade our iPad and audio cables for our digital sound board. Through some trial and error, we managed to offer weekly online services and continued to improve over time. We actually saw our online giving increase, which allowed us to maintain our church expenses.”
Natalie June
New Greater Love Church
Photo of Tito Diaz
“We are using Switcher to be able to communicate who we are, what we do and how we do it. You can add graphics, split screen or lower third to be able to communicate more dynamically and effectively.”
Tito Diaz
Pastor, Rhiza Church
Photo of Alexander Sosa
“We can create quality content with Switcher that's on par with content people are making with these several-thousand-dollar setups, and the phones are getting better and better, which means Switcher can just keep getting better and better.”
Alexander Sosa
Associate Pastor and Worship Leader at Life Church
Photo of Paul Alan Clifford, M.Div.
“Switcher Studio combines the advantages of these other systems and eliminates the disadvantages, marrying the affordability and accessibility of smartphone cameras with the power of multicamera streaming.”
Paul Alan Clifford, M.Div.
Freelance Writer, Creator of ChurchTechU.com
Photo of Izzy Cabrera
“We use Switcher Studio every Sunday to stream our kids' church, and we just love all the quality we can provide to the kids at home. We think it is wonderful to share the gospel with them, considering how COVID has changed our ways to share.”
Izzy Cabrera
Productor Musical in Ecuador