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Multicamera, Multisource Livestreaming and Recording That’s Fully Mobile

Switcher lets you create amazing videos with a single iPhone or iPad camera — or connect up to nine cameras and other video sources to switch angles and views in real time.

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Capture every angle by syncing up to nine iPhones and iPad cameras.



Don’t stop with iPhone and iPads — you can also bring in webcams, screenshare, invite remote guests, and play prerecorded video.



Because Switcher uses portable devices and connects them over Wi-Fi, you can stream from anywhere and go live on the fly.

What cameras and video sources can you use with Switcher?


Stream and record from iPhone and iPad cameras

It’s hard to beat the stunning quality you get from that device in your pocket. Plus, iOS cameras just keep getting better, which means your Switcher video just keep getting better. You can even up your iOS game by incorporating iOS-compatible drones, gimbals, and lenses. 

  Switcher x seemo


Thanks to Switcher’s direct integration with the Accsoon SeeMo, mobile livestreaming just got a big upgrade. Now you can use any camera with an HMDI connection — that means mirrorless camera, DSLR, cinema camera, GoPro — as a source in your Switcher productions. Even connect to your favorite gaming console.

  BringinMacWebcams (1)

Bring in your Mac webcams

Join a Switcher stream or recording right from your Mac computer with our free Switcher Cast app, which turns your webcam, screen, and any external monitors into video sources compatible with Switcher Studio. 


Invite remote guests — and share their screens

Remote guests can join your stream from anywhere in the world — and nearly any smartphone or webcam! Host up to five remote guests at once for a lively video. You can even invite your guests to share their computer screens as video sources for your Switcher video.


Roll in prerecorded videos

Add prerecorded openers, commercials, or other clips right into your live videos or new recordings. You can even stream an entire prerecorded video as though it’s live — perfect for repurposing. 

  MultiviewTemplates (1)

Show multiple sources at once with Multiview templates

Choose from among Switcher’s dozens of Multiview templates to show any combination of your video sources simultaneously. Showcase a single angle at a time or display all nine at once. Simply tap to set up a Multiview or change angles.

Partner Shoutouts

Photo of David Hillyer
“Westview Alliance Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana, had limited attendance due to Covid restrictions. Producing a professional broadcast every week on a limited budget, with limited staff was a huge challenge. Switcher Studio provided an easy, intuitive app to produce a multicamera live video stream using equipment we already owned! Now that people are coming back to church, we've had 4 straight weeks where someone has thanked me for livestreaming services so they could still feel connected. We didn't anticipate the impact of streaming our services ... people are being drawn to our church, initially by seeing our live broadcast.”
David Hillyer
Westview Alliance Church