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Collaborate With Remote Guests or Call the Shots With Remote Production

Livestreaming is better together! With Switcher Studio, you can invite up to five guests to join your stream from anywhere. Or produce a stream remotely by using those Remote Guest slots as remote camera sources.

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Go live with up to 5 guests

Go live with up to 5 guests

There are no limits on collaboration: invite guests to join from anywhere in the world, on nearly any device with a browser and a camera.

Let guests share their screens

Let guests share their screens

Put your co-hosts, interviewees, and experts center stage when you invite them to share their desktop screens live.

Produce streams from a distance

Produce streams from a distance

Can’t be on-site? You can still direct the show. Use guest slots as camera sources for completely remote video production.

Use Switcher Studio’s Remote Guests functionality to create dynamic, collaborative livestreams

Liven up your show by hosting panel discussions, guest experts, interviewees, and more

Wondering how to go live with a guest on your next stream? Switcher Studio makes it easy. Simply share your stream’s unique Remote Guests URL and guests can join the conversation from their browser (no special software needed). Invite up to five remote guests at once while you control the layout and display.


Put guests in the driver’s seat with remote screensharing

Collaborative livestreams don’t need to be overcomplicated. Switcher’s Remote Guests feature works just like any screensharing-enabled video call, letting your guests take the reins by screensharing their Mac or PC screens. 


Collaborate sans constraints with unlimited guest hours

With Switcher’s unlimited guest hours, it doesn’t matter how many interviewees are on your docket — you can keep the conversation going as long as you like.


Keep collaborators in the know with our Production Preview window

Let your co-hosts and interviewees in on the action! When you invite remote guests to join your Switcher stream, they can automatically preview the production as it goes live — right in the Remote Guest room. 

Bow out of the spotlight and produce livestreams remotely

Even if you can’t be on the site of an event, you can still handle all the switching, editing, and production aspects of your stream or recording. Using your Remote Guest slots, you can connect to up to five video sources, allowing you to manage every detail of the remote video production from wherever you are. 

Partner Shoutouts

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“Using Switcher has transformed our show from just a regular podcast to something that is MUST SEE. Everyone loves food and watching us get different foods and try new food trends is something amazing. The ease of Switcher allows me to control the flow of the show, add video and graphics, have remote guests, and many more things — all while hosting the program as well. Using Switcher’s integration with Facebook Live has allowed us to reach well over 100k people a month and grow our brand.”
Phil Byrd