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Broadcast Your
Podcast through
Live Video

Livestreaming your podcast recordings lets you interact with your audience in real time and create twice as much content at once. And Switcher Studio helps you produce those livestreams with gear you already own. Stream to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, or almost anywhere else.

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Extend the reach of your podcast

Get more out of each podcast episode by streaming live video while you’re recording. Build audience loyalty by turning existing listeners into viewers too — and reach new audiences entirely. Switcher Studio lets you stream and live-edit a multicamera show with just iPhones and iPads, so you get a polished stream with zero post-production time.

No matter what type of podcast you host, you can easily create a live video version with Switcher. Collab with co-hosts or interviewees by inviting remote guests onto your stream. Or add multimedia while streaming — roll in prerecorded clips, screenshare a computer or phone (gotta help people find those show notes), or display segment graphics with simple taps.

You can even include sponsor logos or commercials in your livestream to monetize your new medium. Or use one of our many donation overlays to show viewers how they can support you.

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Switcher Shoutouts

Molly Ruland

"It’s a waste of time to create podcasts without video. With Switcher, you don’t need a ton of extra equipment to stream or record video podcasts, and almost all the post-production is eliminated. This great product and great team helped me formulate my business!"

MOLLY RULAND, Founder at Heartcast Media