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Break up with the algorithm. Simplify your creation workflow. Reach a wider audience than ever before. Welcome to Switcher Studio, the video platform for content creators. Just one subscription has everything you need for creating videos and livestreams, boosting engagement, hosting video on your website, and monetizing your content.

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The Only Video Platform You Need

Switcher Studio’s one-stop-shop approach to content creation, distribution, and monetization, gives the power back to the creator. Get ready to let your content shine — it’s never been easier to monetize your videos, multistream to every channel, and grow your audience.



Produce and live-edit HD videos and livestreams. Then, create clips to expand your catalog of videos.



Monetize your videos with paywalls and Subscriptions to start earning a sustainable income stream.



Reach all your platforms with direct integrations, and embed the Switcher Player on any website builder.

A Video Platform Made For Creators

Whether you’re producing videos for social media platforms or livestreaming to your audience — or both — Switcher Studio has all the tools you need to grow your following and maximize your reach. Here are just a few of the features that make Switcher a perfect fit for creators (or hobbyists, influencers, makers, bloggers, and connoisseurs de contént):


Record Or Stream Live Video Content

Switcher’s powerful app makes for dynamic visuals and zero post-production, whether you’re recording or live streaming. That means you can capture the same super high-quality video whether you record video for later, or decide to use Switcher’s built-in Multistreaming functionality to reach your audience live on Facebook, YouTube, and your own website — at the same time.

Edit Your Videos Faster Than Ever

Control your entire production with live editing, simplifying post-production and saving you countless hours. Create polished and professional broadcasts that capture your audience’s attention every single time you go live.

Switcher Studio for Creators
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Pro-quality visuals
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Turn your concepts into content!


Multicamera, Multisource

Sync up to 9 iPhones and iPads to stream from multiple angles around your space (or show your every good side).


If you want to level up your content and use pro cameras, our integration with Accsoon SeeMo gives you more versatility than ever.

Add Multimedia Graphics

Add logos, graphics, one-tap Cards, prerecorded audio and video, text, titles, lower thirds, and so much more.

Record, Stream, Edit, Upload

Insert prerecorded video right into your livestream — openers, hype videos, that amazing TikTok you made earlier.


Easily share your Mac, PC, or iOS screen — streaming a website, a presentation, a game.

In-App Clips Creator

Don’t waste time exporting and editing in-post. Create a clip in Switcher and share it to Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.

Collaborate Without Limits

Invite up to five guests to join your Switcher production from anywhere in the world and from any device — co-hosts, interviewees, guest callers, and friends — and they don’t need to create an account or download the app. Guests can even share screens, making it even easier to collaborate to create incredible content.

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Grow Your Content Library

Switcher makes it easy to create content, and not just because our live-editing tools eliminate post-production. Our Clips creator feature enables you to cut, edit, and export short-form video right within the Switcher app. Once your production is over, it takes just a few taps to get your highlight reel or favorite moments on Instagram or TikTok.

Clips Feature


Reach Your Audience Where They Are

Being a content creator isn’t just about creation — it’s also about getting your video in front of the right people. That’s why Switcher has built-in Multistreaming functionality in addition to direct integrations with all major platforms. Just one production, no additional bandwidth, and you can reach all of your audiences at once: Facebook, YouTube, Twitch — even your own website.

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Own Your Content With Video Hosting

You own your image, the brand you’ve created, your website domain … but do you own your video content? Free yourself from platforms that make money from selling the videos you create. Switcher’s video player can be customized and embedded on almost any website, so the only brand your viewers see is your brand.

Switcher’s simple copy-and-paste code block makes it easy to drop multiple video players into your existing website. Add them to WordPress sites, Shopify stores, Squarespace, and more—no coding experience necessary.

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Earn Directly From Your Fans

Video content creators, it’s time to break up with social video hosting platforms! When you host your video on your site, there’s no minimum number of viewers, and no more waiting for your platform to decide whether you can earn money from the content you create. Enable Gated Content or Subscriptions on any of your videos! Create a pass, then set your price. You decide whether you want to sell one video or a whole playlist — even sell tickets to upcoming livestreamed events. Plus you can turn your website into your own video Subscription platform, allowing you to earn regular recurring revenue.

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Photo of Goldie Chan
“If you’re thinking about doing live-streaming that’s super easy and literally just requires your phone, you can even do interviews using just your phone, check out Switcher Studio! They’re one of the approved partners that LinkedIn works with.”
Goldie Chan
Founder at Warm Robots
Photo of Zoe's Fancy Cakes
“Switcher Studio has massively helped us to get in front of our existing audience using live video as well as grow this audience thanks to the power of video (Facebook loves live). It's so quick and simple to use with an interface that lets you look very professional even if you have no background in video production. We would recommend it to anyone wanting to go live or enhance their lives.”
Zoe's Fancy Cakes