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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find the answers to life's big questions. OK, maybe not, but you will find the answers to Switcher Studio's big questions. These should help you determine whether Switcher is a fit for your needs and how to create your account. If you're looking for app tutorials instead, visit our Help Center.

Start your free trial

Free Trial

When you create a new Switcher Studio account, you'll automatically receive a free 14-day trial, unless you decide to skip the free trial and purchase a subscription or pass. You must use a valid email address that can be verified.

To start your free trial:

  1. Go to the Start Now page.
  2. Fill out the form and click Get Started. You’ll then be redirected to the Let’s Get You Started onboarding steps on the Dashboard.
  3. Complete steps 1-3. When you get to step 4, click Try It For Free, and your 14-day free trial will be underway.
If you haven't already, download the Switcher Studio mobile app on your iPhone or iPad from the App Store. Log in using the email and password you used to create your account. Back to top

The trial experience has all the same features as our paid options, with the following exceptions:

  • 20 hours of Remote Guest hosting: The trial lets you host Remote Guests via video chat for up to 20 hours, whereas subscriptions and passes include unlimited time to host Remote Guests. 
  • 20 Switcher Cloud assets: The trial includes Switcher Cloud storage for up to 20 media assets (logos, graphics, prerecorded video, etc.). Switcher Studio subscribers get storage for 250 assets and Switcher Business subscribers get storage for up to 1000.
  • Watermark: The Switcher Studio logo, which you’ll see on your streams during your trial, will not be on your future broadcasts once you purchase any subscription or pass.
  • Cloud Recording: With the trial, your three most recent Multistreams are saved on the Dashboard to download and share. Switcher Studio subscribers have access to up to 10 of their most recent Multistreams, and Switcher Business subscribers have access to 50.

For a complete list of what's included, check out our free trial breakdown

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Your free 14-day trial starts as soon as you sign up for a Switcher Studio account either through the mobile app or on our website.

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If you wish to skip the free 14-day trial, you can purchase a Switcher subscription or pass as soon as you’ve created your Switcher account. For more on how to purchase a Switcher subscription or pass, check out How do I sign up for a subscription or pass? 

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When your free 14-day trial ends, you’ll need to purchase a paid Switcher subscription or pass to keep using Switcher. If you do not sign up for a monthly or annual subscription or pay-as-you-go pass, your account will become inactive, and you will not be able to stream or record with Switcher.

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Subscribing and Paying

How to purchase a subscription or pass while creating your account

  1. Go to the Start Now page.
  2. Fill out the form and click Create Account. You’ll be redirected to the Let’s Get You Started onboarding steps on the Dashboard.
  3. Verify your email address.
  4. Download the app.
  5. Click Choose Pricing.
  6. Now you’ll be able to choose your desired subscription or pass on the Dashboard. Click Select on your preferred plan, enter your payment information, and click Subscribe (for subscriptions) or Buy Now (for passes) to complete your purchase.

How to purchase a subscription or pass after you’ve created your account

  1. Log into your Switcher Studio Dashboard and visit the Subscription page.
  2. Choose your desired subscription or pass and click Select.
  3. Enter your payment information, and click Subscribe (for subscriptions) or Buy Now (for passes) to complete your purchase.
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We accept almost all major credit and debit cards, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay. If you are purchasing bulk licenses or want to prepay for 2+ years, we can issue a purchase order (PO). Email support@switcherstudio.com to request a PO.

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Currently, we do not offer a way to pause subscriptions.

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Technical Requirements

Switcher Studio runs on iOS devices and uses the cameras from iOS devices — iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. You cannot bring in third-party cameras like Androids, DSLRs, or Mevos. (You can, however, bring in Mac webcams using Switcher Cast.)

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Switcher does not have a built-in green screen feature. You can, however, use a third-party green screen app that works with iOS devices. For more info, view our Help Center article on using green screens and chroma keying with Switcher Studio.

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You can use Switcher Studio on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches on iOS 13 or newer. View the complete list of compatible devices in our Help Center.

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To stream with Switcher, you’ll need a consistent upload speed of at least 3 Mbps. We recommend checking your speed at a site like speedof.me/. Make sure to test your speed in an environment similar to the one in which you’ll be running your production. (For instance, if you plan to stream in a busy public location, make sure to test the speed when the location is busy.) Speeds can vary, so ensure you’re consistently getting at least 3 Mbps before you stream.

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All you need to start using Switcher is an iOS device with the Switcher Studio app installed, a Switcher Studio account, and a data or Wi-Fi connection. However, if you want to have a more robust production, we recommend connecting additional iOS devices to capture more angles.

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Switcher Studio is an iOS application, so it cannot be used on a computer. You can, however, bring your computer’s webcam (Mac) or screen (Mac or PC) into the videos that you stream or record with Switcher. This is done with a complementary app called Switcher Cast.

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By default, Switcher uses the built-in mic of your main device. If you want to use a different audio source, check out our Help Center articles on connecting and managing internal and external audio sources with Switcher Studio.

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No, Switcher Studio will only run on iOS devices, so it is not compatible with Android devices. For more info, check out our Help Center article on our experiments with Android. (Though you can’t use an Android as one of your local cameras, you can invite remote guests to join from any device — including Androids and computer webcams — using Switcher’s Video Chat feature.)

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Switcher as a Webcam is built on our integration with Camo, a software that lets you use your iOS camera as a webcam. You can use Switcher as a Webcam with any third-party program or browser that is compatible with Camo (hint: it’s most of them). Check out the full list of compatible platforms on Camo's website.

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The Switcher Studio Dashboard is your online (browser-based) account hub where you can manage your Switcher account and access some of Switcher’s more advanced features, like Remote Guests and Switcher Cloud storage. Once you have a Switcher account, you can access the Dashboard at dashboard.switcherstudio.com.

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Yes, you can bring in slides from PowerPoint, ProPresenter, or any presentation software that runs on Macs, PCs, or iOS devices. To do this, you must use Switcher Cast to screenshare your computer or iOS device screen into your Switcher production.

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The Comments tab in the Switcher Studio app shows real-time comments from your streams on Facebook. This allows you to engage with commenters during your stream. You can tap on these Facebook comments to display them inside your videos for others to see.

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Switcher as a Webcam is a virtual webcam functionality built on our integration with Camo, a software that lets you use your iOS camera as a webcam. With Switcher as a Webcam, you can swap out your webcam for your live Switcher Studio production on your most-used video conferencing platforms, like Zoom, Teams, Meet, and more. So instead of just showing your face or sharing your computer screen, you can present polished, multicamera live video complete with branding, text, prerecorded video, and more.

For a step-by-step walkthrough of Switcher as a Webcam, check out our Help Center article.

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Live Selling with Switcher Studio refers to a collection of features and tools designed to enhance our users’ live selling efforts. These features include:

Vertical Video Mode

Now you can use Switcher to stream directly to Facebook Live Shopping or YouTube in portrait mode (9:16 aspect ratio). 

Live Selling Cards

Cards are full-screen and fully customizable multimedia layouts that you can deploy in your Switcher production with just one tap. You can tailor Cards to your brand or production by adding your logo, color palette, font, photos, and more. Plus with Cards’ split-view layouts, you can simultaneously showcase multiple media sources — like your live camera feed and b-roll, or even multiple iOS camera feeds. Cards are perfect for creating dynamic shoppable livestreams that exhibit product photos and prices while maintaining your brand identity. 

Check out our Live Shopping Cards Help Center article for more information on Cards.

Countdown Timers

Sellers using Switcher Studio can create urgency and drive sales by overlaying a countdown timer on their Live Selling videos. You can find step-by-step instructions on using countdown timers in our Help Center article


You can also record and create clips of vertical Switcher Studio productions to upload to other vertical platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. 

Stream to top live selling platforms

Using Custom RTMP, you can output live video from Switcher directly into top live selling platforms, like Livescale, Bambuser, Spockee, and more.

For more information, check out the Live Selling collection in our Help Center!

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Remote Guests

Yes, you can invite Remote Guests to join your stream via video chat. They can join from anywhere in the world and nearly any device (computer or smartphone) with a browser and a camera.

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You can host five Remote Guests in your videos at a time.

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Just a smartphone or a computer! Guests can join from nearly any device with a browser and a camera — you simply send them a URL, which they open to join your video chat. Guests don’t need a Switcher Studio account, and they don’t need to download the Switcher app.


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Yes, totally, lots of people use Switcher this way! Even if you don’t want to livestream, Switcher lets you record multiple angles without having to edit footage together in post-production. Switcher even has a feature called Director Mode that lets you simultaneously record each angle in HD.

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Livestreaming and Platforms

Yes! Switcher Studio has a built-in Multistreaming feature for streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously. Currently, we support Multistreaming on Facebook Live, YouTube, and Custom RTMP channels. Switcher Studio subscribers can multistream to two destinations and Switcher Business subscribers can multistream to five destinations. Crossposting to multiple Facebook pages does not count against your total number of Multistreaming destinations. If you need to reach more destinations simultaneously, you can connect Switcher to numerous third-party tools, including Castr and Switchboard.

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Switcher has direct integrations with Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitch, and Microsoft Stream. Switcher also lets you stream to nearly every other destination using Custom RTMP: That includes other social platforms like Twitter and live selling solutions like Bambuser and Livescale. One notable exception is Instagram — unfortunately it’s against Instagram’s policies for third-party apps to stream to their platform.

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Unfortunately, it is not possible for third-party apps to stream to Instagram in a way that’s compliant with their policies, so the only way to stream to Instagram is to use the native Instagram app. As soon as Instagram opens an API that will enable us to build an integration, we’ll get on it!

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Switcher can stream at 270p, 360p, 540p, 720p, and 1080p (beta). If you’re streaming to Facebook or using Custom RTMP, you can even use Switcher’s speed test feature to help you choose the streaming quality that’s right for your network.

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Yes, you’ll simply need to embed the video player for your livestream into your website. For instance, you can schedule a private livestream on YouTube and then embed the video player on your website ahead of time so that the stream is accessible only on your website. Check out our Help Center articles on embedding YouTube videos and embedding Facebook videos

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Yes, Switcher lets you create private streams on Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. (This option is not available for Twitch.) Many platforms that use Custom RTMP also enable private streaming. You must simply set your stream to private on the platform itself before going live to that platform via RTMP from Switcher.

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Yes, scheduling is available for Facebook and YouTube. You can schedule a broadcast up to 7 days in advance on these platforms. Check out our Help Center article on scheduling Facebook Live streams.

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Video and Content and Assets

Yes, after a stream, your video is stored in the Switcher app on your main device. If you’d like to store it somewhere else, check out our Help Center article on moving or copying your Switcher Studio recordings. Additionally, if you’re using Switcher’s Multistreaming feature, your most recent Multistream recordings are saved to the Switcher Cloud and accessible from your Dashboard when the stream ends.

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Yes, totally! Switcher Studio lets you upload and store your on-brand creative assets, like logos, lower thirds, graphics, and more. You can also customize the colors, fonts, and sizes of Switcher’s built-in templates, including titles, lower thirds, and overlays. Plus, if you’re creating a lot of Switcher assets, our Brand Profiles make customization quick and easy. In the app or on your Dashboard, you can personalize your Brand Profile with your logo and color palette. Then, you can apply your Brand Profile with one tap when you’re creating new assets! You can choose colors using a rainbow palette, RGB, or Hex/CSS codes.

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Yes, on Switcher Studio’s Plus plan, which includes licenses for multiple team members, you can upload and store shared assets so that everyone on your team always has access to on-brand creative assets.

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The best way to contact the Support team is through the messaging tool inside the Switcher Studio app or on the Dashboard. To access the messaging tool from the app, tap the question mark icon in the bottom right of the launch screen. To access it from the Dashboard, click the word bubble icon in the bottom right of any page. If you’re unable to use the messaging tool, you can email support@switcherstudio.com with your questions.

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Yes, the Switcher Referral Program is open to anyone who has created a Switcher Studio account. To learn more, check out the Switcher Referral Program article on the Help Center.

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Account and Billing

When you create a new Switcher Studio account, you'll automatically receive a free 14-day trial, unless you decide to skip the free trial and purchase a subscription or pass. You must use a valid email address that can be verified.

To create a Switcher Studio account and a free trial, see the FAQ How do I start a free trial? 

To create a Switcher Studio account and purchase a subscription or pass, see the FAQ How do I sign up for a subscription or pass?

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All subscriptions are automatically renewed unless you cancel at least 24 hours before the end of your current billing cycle. Payments for a previous period are nonrefundable.


  1. Log into your Switcher Studio Dashboard using the same email and password you use for the app.
  2. Click Subscription in the main menu.
  3. Under the Overview section, click Cancel.
  4. To confirm the cancellation, click Confirm. You will be able to continue using Switcher Studio until the end of your billing cycle.
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  1. Log into your Switcher Studio Dashboard using the same email and password you use for the app.
  2. Click Subscription in the main menu
  3. Under the Payment Method section, you’ll see your payment information.
  4. To update your payment method, click + Payment Method.
  5. Enter your payment details.
  6. Click Add Payment Method. If you would like to delete the previous payment method, click Remove located underneath your old payment information.

    Note: You must have at least one payment method on file. If you only have one payment method on your account, you cannot remove it until you have added a new one.
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There are two times when you can apply a coupon code to a subscription: when you’re first creating your account, and after you’ve created your account when you are purchasing a subscription.

How to apply a coupon code while creating your account

  1. Go to the Start Now page and fill out the form.
  2. Enter your coupon code into the Coupon code field, and click Redeem. You should see a green confirmation message appear with the coupon offer specifics.
  3. Click Get Started to finish creating your account. You should then see your coupon code applied to the corresponding subscription(s).

How to apply a coupon code after you’ve created your account
  1. Log into the Switcher Dashboard using the same email and password you use for the app.
  2. Click Subscription in the main menu.
  3. Navigate to the Enter Coupon Code field, and type in your coupon code.
  4. Click Apply Coupon. You should see a green confirmation message appear acknowledging your successful coupon entry before you’re redirected to the Payment page.
  5. On the Payment page, your coupon discount should be applied to the corresponding subscription. To complete your purchase at the discounted price, enter your payment information and click Subscribe.
(These steps apply if you’ve created an account but have not yet purchased a subscription or pass. If you already signed up for a paid subscription, the Switcher Studio team will need to apply the discount code for you. Please email support@switcherstudio.com for assistance.) Back to top

Definitely. Switcher offers two Enterprise options: Our Plus plan has licenses for multiple team members as well as shared assets and recordings within the Switcher Cloud. For Switcher Partners, we offer the option to pre-purchase bulk Switcher licenses to bundle with your current products and resell. Contact sales to learn more about our Enterprise offerings.

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You can upgrade to a subscription or pass at any time during your free trial. Once you purchase a subscription or pass, your free trial will end and your pass or subscription will start immediately.

If you upgrade to a subscription or pass before your trial has expired, you will need to refresh the Switcher app to remove the watermark, as follows:

  1. Open the Switcher Studio app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Log out.
  3. Close out the app completely by swiping up from the bottom of your screen and swiping the app away.
  4. Log back into the app.
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Subscriptions are auto-renewing and can be paid monthly or annually. Our pass is non-recurring and can be purchased for a 7-day duration. Our 7-day pass offers the same set of features as our Switcher Studio subscription.

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Switcher Cast

Both Switcher Cast for Mac and Switcher Cast for PC allow users to share their computer screens for streams and recordings and to record in HD using Director Mode. 

Switcher Cast for Mac also allows users to record and share their webcam footage, while Switcher Cast for PC does not. 

Additionally, because of the wide range of devices and hardware using Windows operating systems, Switcher Cast for Windows is still in beta. We recommend sharing slides, websites, or still images from your PC, but not video.

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Switcher Cast is a complementary desktop application that allows Switcher Studio users to share their computer screens and Mac webcams in their Switcher Studio productions.  

Remote Guests is a feature of Switcher Studio that allows users to invite up to five other guests/devices to join their productions, so guests from around the world can share their phone cameras, webcams, or screens. With this feature, you can also use guest slots as additional camera sources to produce a stream or recording remotely. 


Since Switcher Cast is a desktop application, it requires some installation and setup to use. There are hardware and software requirements for both Mac and PC versions. Our Help Center articles outline the prerequisites and processes for setting up Switcher Cast on a Mac and Switcher Cast on a PC.

To use the Remote Guests feature, Switcher users generate a unique URL from the Video Chat tab on their main Switcher. Just like most browser-based video conferencing platforms, guests can join the Switcher Stream with their webcam or phone camera by clicking the URL. This feature works with nearly every browser and device. Guests joining from a computer can also share computer screens. Our Help Center article details how to use the Remote Guests/Video Chat feature.


To use Switcher Cast, your computer must be on the same local Wi-Fi network as the iOS devices you're using for Switcher Studio. Devices do not need to share a local network to use the Remote Guests feature.

Because of this, Switcher Cast sends data via your local area network, while the Remote Guests feature uses more internet bandwidth. If you’re trying to share your computer screen for your Switcher production, it may be easier to set up with Remote Guests, but if you have a slow internet connection, you may get higher quality video using Switcher Cast. 

Director Mode:

Switcher Studio's Director Mode can be used to capture HD video from all angles and automatically composite each angle and asset used during the production into one video file. 

Since Switcher Cast sends data over your local area network, recordings tend to be of higher quality, and Switcher Cast is compatible with Switcher Studio’s Director Mode, meaning you can capture screen recordings in HD. It’s not possible to gather local recordings when using Remote Guests, so the Remote Guests feature is not compatible with Director Mode. 

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It’s easy to share an iOS device screen in your Switcher production. Just like screensharing your Mac or PC with Switcher Cast, iOS devices must be on the same local network as the main Switcher device to connect and share their screen. 

First, set up your main Switcher device. Then, open Switcher Studio on the iOS device you want to share. Before even logging in, you’ll see options to Use as Switcher and Share this Device. Simply click the Share this Device button and then Start Broadcast.

After this, you should be able to find your shared device in the Inputs tab on your main Switcher. 

You can follow step-by-step instructions (with images) in the Help Center article Screensharing an iOS Screen!

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