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Take your live streams further 

Live streaming shouldn’t be complicated. So — we simplified it. 

Switcher is your all-in-one live streaming solution. With everything you need to create, share, host, and earn in just one platform — it’s time to go full stream ahead.






Get up and go. Our iOS streaming app is a mobile production studio in your pocket.

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Possibilities are endless. From short announcements to longer shows, streaming stays flexible.



Exceed geographical limits. Live stream to your viewers across the globe.

audience guests


Keep things interesting. Create a more interactive viewing experience for your audience. 

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One broadcast — many platforms

It’s time to meet your audience where they are. With direct integrations and built-in multistreaming, you don’t have to pick just one social media platform or streaming destination. Streamline the streaming process and reach a wider audience. Broadcast to Facebook Live, Instagram, Twitch, YouTube, or almost anywhere else — all at the same time. 

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Stream hosting

Your website, your content channel

You don’t need to always stream on social media platforms. Make your website your own live streaming hub with our embeddable video player. Simply copy and paste the code block onto your webpage of choice and bam — your live streams are ready to be viewed. Best part? No ads or competition to be found.  

If you don’t have a website, don’t worry, we didn’t leave you out. Each stream player has a unique share link that opens a simple landing page. Your audience can click the link and enjoy your content. 

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No design skills necessary  

Create high-quality streams in your own style. Customize your text, titles, logos, graphics, and color palette, so your audience recognizes your content every time. And whether you’re a picture-in-picture person or split screen fanatic, we have 40+ multiview templates to choose from for your stream layout.

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Don’t miss a single angle 

Dynamic streams made easy. With our multicam feature, you can connect up to nine cameras and other video sources to switch angles and views in real time. And when we say cameras, we don’t just mean the ones on your iPhone or iPad — use any camera with an HMDI connection as a source for your stream. 

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  Remote guests- Livestreaming2024

remote guests

The more, the merrier

Live streaming is just better together. Invite guests to join you from anywhere in the world on nearly any device. Whether you’re having a guest speaker or co-host join, enjoy the company while you control the layout and display. 

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Customize how you monetize 

Turn your passion into profit. Whether you want to have membership-only streams or ticketed live events, our live streaming app has the built-in tools to make it possible. Looking to sell Shopify products live on-stream? We can help with that, too. 

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4.6 out of 5

Rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 2k Reviews on the Apple App Store.


One for all — the live streaming platform for you



Deliver the excitement of live sporting events to fans no matter where they are. Switcher allows you to create high-quality, interactive streams of tournaments, games, sideline commentary, and more. Add in customized multimedia graphics like timers and scoreboards to enhance your broadcast. 




Reach your members with less effort. Use live video streaming to broadcast weekly sermons, daily prayer, or donation events to your followers. Even when viewers are homebound or traveling, they’ll still be able to connect with your worship services




Make it convenient for your audience to work out from anywhere. Live stream your fitness classes and embed the sessions directly on your website for easy access. Gate your content and grow your revenue just like you’re growing muscles. 



live selling

Allow your followers to shop until they drop. Engage with your audience, showcase your products in stream, and have orders come through in real time. Enjoy how easy it is to build revenue through live selling




Live music and streaming go harmoniously together — it’s just a fact. Whether you want to teach piano lessons or record a concert, we help make the streaming easy. Collab with other musicians by inviting remote guests or ticket your upcoming live event. 


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Go beyond the classroom with live classes, interactive sessions, and engaging seminars. Switch camera angles mid-stream to give your students the best view of your demonstration. And with remote guests, you can invite guest speakers or students to present to the class. 



Photo of Jon McLeod
“I multistream to YouTube, Facebook, and the Switcher Player every single week so I can reach my different audiences where they are. I love that I don't have to worry about multiple productions or the quality of the stream — With Switcher, I know the experience will be uniform across every platform. I saw a 10% increase in subscribers almost immediately after I started using Switcher. It’s easy for me to produce more content with a higher production value, and it’s easy for my audience to find the content. My team and I depend on Switcher Studio.”
Jon McLeod
Video Producer
Photo of Dave Basulto
“Switcher Studio has been my go to app for mobile live streaming since the birth of iOgrapher. It has gotten better and better with every version. I recommend Switcher to all my customers!”
Dave Basulto
Owner of iOgrapher
Photo of Paul Alan Clifford, M.Div.
“Switcher Studio combines the advantages of these other systems and eliminates the disadvantages, marrying the affordability and accessibility of smartphone cameras with the power of multicamera streaming.”
Paul Alan Clifford, M.Div.
Freelance Writer, Creator of ChurchTechU.com
Photo of Chris Strub
“I’ve been using Switcher Studio for about four years now and it has transformed the entire way that I do business. I travel to create livestreamed videos with nonprofits around the U.S., and because of the simplicity and efficiency of Switcher Studio, I’m able to create broadcast-quality, edited productions in real time using equipment that can be transported in a backpack — or even a pocket. … Simply put, Switcher is the most important app on my iOS devices. It is mission-critical to the work that I do, and if you’re looking to step up your livestreaming video approach, it should be to yours, too.”
Chris Strub
The Giving Day Guy

Everything you need to stream

Go live in hours minutes with Switcher. Start your 14 day free trial and see how we can be your streaming solution. 

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