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Game-changing software for YouTube Live streaming

Create professional YouTube Live videos with Switcher Studio. Switcher lets you connect up to 9 iPhones or iPads for multicam YouTube Live streaming — think gear reviews, beauty tutorials, video podcast interviews, cooking shows, or whatever you dream up! Stream your videos straight to YouTube, no follower count required.



Mobile streaming to YouTube Live

The reasons to stream on YouTube Live are endless:

  • YouTube is the second-biggest site in the world, helping you reach new audiences with your streams.
  • YouTube gives you lots of control over your streams: share them publicly, make them private, or embed them on your own website.
  • YouTube streams are evergreen — engage in real time while streaming and watch the views roll in after the fact.

And thanks to Switcher Studio, streaming to YouTube Live has never been easier. Whether you’re in a studio or on the go, Switcher turns your iOS devices into professional livestreaming equipment. And using Switcher’s direct YouTube integration, you can go live to YouTube with just a single tap on your phone.

Connect multiple iOS cameras to capture every angle, then polish and brand your video in real time with Switcher’s live-editing tools. Add graphics, prerecorded openers, and sponsor bugs — even invite remote guests to join you from anywhere — all while interacting with your viewers in your video and in the chat.

You get robust YouTube Live streaming software and the power of a broadcast production studio without the expense and hassle of giant cameras and hardware switchers. No wonder musicians, creators, business owners, and YouTubers of all stripes rely on Switcher to stream their shows.

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Made with Switcher

Check out what our YouTube users are creating with Switcher Studio.

Switcher Shoutouts

Jackie Strouse Golf Channel

"Switcher saves us the cost of hiring outside teams to produce graphics. ...We can use Switcher ourselves — it’s intuitive."

JACKIE STROUSE, Senior Manager of Social Media at Golf Channel

Sarah Kelsey Smart Living

"By using Switcher, employees are able to focus on other projects. One or two people can manage a Switcher Studio shoot versus a full 5- to 10-person team."

SARAH KELSEY, Senior Manager of Smart Living

Alexander Sosa, Associate Pastor and Worship Leader

"We can create quality content with Switcher that's on par with content people are making with these several-thousand-dollar setups, and the phones are getting better and better, which means Switcher can just keep getting better and better."

ALEXANDER SOSA, Associate Pastor and Worship Leader at Life Church

Grow Your YouTube Channel

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