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Recent Blog Posts

How to Use Livestreaming Video to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

by Jared Applegate

Learn about how incorporating livestreaming video into your digital marketing strategy can benefit your business.


How to Use YouTube Premiere to Schedule a Video

by Anna Hochberger

With YouTube Premiere, you can upload a video to YouTube and then schedule it to debut at a specific time. We cover how to use YouTube Premiere — and why you may want to!


Choosing Channels for Live Video: Facebook vs. YouTube

by Ernesto Ramos

We're tackling the age-old question: Is it better to livestream on Facebook or YouTube? Welp, it depends. Here we break it down.


How to Stream Live on YouTube and What to Know First

by Angela Nicole Holbrook

One does not simply *go live on YouTube.* We'll show you where and how to enable livestreaming on your YouTube account.


How to Get Started with YouTube Live

by Nick Mattingly

The YouTube app only allows streaming to channels with 1,000+ subscribers. Use Switcher Studio to stream on YouTube no matter how many subscribers you have.