Create Your Own Facebook Live Countdown Intro

Nov 29, 2017 12:27:43 PM

A quick way to add production value to your Facebook Live videos is to add a countdown to the beginning of your stream. Not only does it look professional, but also gives your viewers time to tune in.

So what do I mean by a countdown? At the core it is a simple video that counts down until you will be live. The countdown will tell your viewers something like “Broadcast Will Begin In 30 ... 29 ... etc.”

Here is an example of our countdown video intro for our weekly Facebook Live broadcast #streamsquad. 



To see full episodes of #streamsquad, check out our YouTube channel.

This allows your viewers a moment to join your Facebook Live stream before you begin. This way no one misses what you say to start and you won’t have to repeat yourself.

So let’s look at creating a countdown for your Facebook Live streams.

I have added a few download links below.

The first is a simple video file with a 25-second countdown and the words “Broadcast Will Begin In." You can bring this file into any video editor and add music and video files behind it. This will give you an intro much like ours above.

Simple countdown timer.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of creating your own, you can download the second link. This has a generic background with the 25-second countdown making it ready to go. You can add music if you so desire.

Generic countdown timer.

To add the video to your Facebook Live stream, you can use our app Switcher Studio. Here is a tutorial to help you bring video files into Switcher.

You are now ready to knock your next Facebook Live broadcast out of the park with a professional looking countdown intro. 

Switcher Studio makes it easy to add a countdown intro to your live video. Try it out today with a free, 14-day trial. No credit card needed.

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Dan Petrik

Written by Dan Petrik

Switcher Studio Customer Success Manager and Co-Founder