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Recent Blog Posts

How to Create a Ticketed Event on Facebook — and Livestream It

by Jared Applegate

A guide to creating a ticketed event on Facebook and how to livestream it using Switcher Studio, making it easier than ever to monetize your live videos.


Choosing Channels for Live Video: Facebook vs. YouTube

by Ernesto Ramos

We're tackling the age-old question: Is it better to livestream on Facebook or YouTube? Welp, it depends. Here we break it down.


Copyright Rules for Facebook Live Video — How Not to Get Flagged

by Nick Mattingly

Are your live videos and uploaded getting flagged or removed? It's likely due to copyright issues - learn how to play by the rules.


How to Add Your Logo to Facebook Live

by Dan Petrik

Increase the production value of your Facebook Live broadcasts by adding graphics or logos. Follow these simple steps to add your logo to a livestream.