When broadcasting on Facebook Live, comments will pour in from viewers. Some viewers will simply greet you with a comment. Other viewers may ask questions about your services or products. More savvy viewers will also offer suggestions for new product and service upgrades.
The quickest way to tank your broadcast is to ignore your comments. Comments on Facebook Live allow you to engage with your audience in a way that is normally not possible. You can speak to them in real-time instead of via email or postal mail.
This kind of communication keeps your audience engaged. It also makes them less likely to tune out during your broadcast.
Below are some tips to help you make the most out of viewing comments on Facebook Live.
1) Greet Viewers "Just Saying Hi"
At the start of your broadcast (and sometimes throughout), you may notice people seemingly commenting to comment. They might write a quick "Hi!", or something more labeling like, "John Doe from Chicago here!"
While these might seem irrelevant to your topic, they are not spam. These are your viewers. These are your supporters. These are your fans.
Take a moment to greet by name all of the viewers saying hi, etc. This makes them feel welcome, and it will make them more likely to stick around during the broadcast.
2) Answer All Viewer Questions
You should know the answer to most (if not all) of the questions that your viewers ask. Therefore, it is important to answer them during the broadcast.
If the answer is positive and will be well-received by the asker, answer it in an energetic fashion. This shows that you care and are just as excited.
If the answer is negative and might disappoint, answer it honestly using positive words. You will also want to follow-up your answer with a positive spin. (i.e. "Currently, we cannot incorporate this product. However, you can use this handy alternative instead!")
If you are asked a question that you do not have an answer for on the spot, be honest! Announce that you need to look more into the topic, and offer to type in an answer to the question post-broadcast.
3) Be Respectful Of All Viewer Suggestions
Viewers often suggest things that they would like to see incorporated in your product or service. No matter how farfetched their suggestion may be, your response should be respectful and polite.
If you are given a suggestion that falls in line with your business plan, feel free to tease an update. Let the viewer know that you agree that their suggestion is a good one, and tell them to stay tuned.
If you are given a suggestion that you like, but have not made any plans for, be honest! Let the viewer know that you agree with their suggestion and would like to see it implemented as well. However, also let them know that you need time to develop this solution, so results will not be immediate.
If you are given a suggestion that is farfetched and/or impossible, let the viewer down gently. Tell them that you like their suggestion, and explain why it may be hard to put into place.
Follow this explanation with something positive that works as an alternative method.
4) Respond To Viewer Comments Post-Broadcast
Before ending your Facebook Live stream, encourage viewers to leave additional comments. Encouraging more comments increases your video's News Feed visibility, which helps more people see it. It also keeps that viewer engagement alive!
Make sure to check on the posted comments , and answer them both as quickly and as honestly as possible.
Continue using positivity and enthusiasm while answering these new questions. If the answer will not be what the asker wants to hear, make sure to end your response on a positive note.
Also, be sure to add your very own post-show comment, thanking everyone for watching. This, again, makes all of your viewers feel appreciated.
As a result, you'll surely see them again on your next Facebook Live broadcast!
If you need any additional assistance setting up your Facebook Live broadcast with Switcher Studio, be sure to visit our Help Center.
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