People typically are used to seeing large setups for live video productions. With Facebook Live becoming more prominent, I wanted to see how small I could make a Facebook Live setup- while still having good lighting, steady video and clear audio.
Here is the gear I ended up finding for the smallest Facebook Live setup.
The first piece of equipment is the camera, I use my phone for this, an iPhone 6s.
Next is to steady the video. Joby makes two great products for this.

The two pieces combined will fit into your pocket. They'll give you a great, little, stable shot for your Facebook live productions. In fact, I always carry these two pieces of gear in my bag or pocket.
Now I want to make sure I have great lighting for the video. Of course you can manage this by following some basic rules. Like not recording in front of bright windows. Make sure the sun is facing you if you are outside. But, sometimes you need some extra lighting.
For lighting, I use my phone case, a LuMee Duo.
This is an awesome little gadget. It has both forward and rear facing lights so you can light up either direction.
The LuMee also has a dimmer so you can adjust the brightness of the light. Not to mention it doubles as protection for your phone and is always attached so your light source is always handy.
The last bit of gear is a mic. Now if we wanted to go with the ultimate small setup, we would use the built in mic.
Sometimes you need a little more power than the built in mic can provide.  A small TRRS Lav mic, something like this, will work for a small setup.
I recommend adding a little bit of size and pick up an iRig Pro handheld mic. This mic has great volume control and will give you super clear audio. It is also very easy to setup, plugging directly into the iOS charge port.
You can hold the mic if you want, or pick up a small table mic stand for it so you are hands free.
All together the setup looks something like this.
The above gear combined with Switcher Studio’s ability to add graphics, videos, lower thirds, and picture in picture will create amazing tv style Facebook Live productions. With all the necessary gear fitting into your pocket.