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White Label Video Player

Own your video content. Using embeddable online video players can turn your webpages into private content channels (sans ads or competition).

Cartr by Switcher Studio

See how easy it is to own your content — try Switcher Business free for 14 days.

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Embed or Share anywhere

Not a programmer? Not a problem. Our HTML5 video players have a simple copy-and-paste code block that’s easy to pop into your website. Add them to WordPress sites, Shopify stores, Squarespace, and more — no coding know-how necessary.  

Ready to expand your brand? Switcher’s built-in Multistreaming functionality means you can stream to a Switcher player while also streaming to destinations like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and more. Grow your audience, then direct them to your dot com.

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white label your players

Switcher Studio makes it easy to customize and add branding to your videos and livestreams, so of course we also made it easy to customize and add branding to our embedded video players. White label your Switcher players by adding your logo and choosing a color palette for elements like buttons, controls, and more. 

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choose an offline display

When you’re not streaming to your Switcher players, you get to decide what your site visitors see. Select a favorite video to feature, or highlight your most recent livestream. If you want to build hype for your next event, you can even display a countdown to an upcoming stream.

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Engage viewers, drive action

Your Switcher players aren't just embedded video players — they're keys to a powerful new channel for engaging site visitors and driving action on your site. Viewers can watch videos in theater mode or click into the interactive mode to explore. Add your video description, links for promotions, donations and tithing platforms, and more. 

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Boost shopify sales

Sell on Shopify? Now you can sell live with video. Our Shopify integration, Cartr, allows Shopify merchants to connect their store with the Switcher Studio iOS app. Select the collections you want to feature, and display the product you’re selling with just a tap in the Switcher app. Your viewers can shop from the Player’s popout menu, either live or after your stream ends.

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Upload videos and create playlists

Gone are the days of video hosting platforms deciding which ads to serve and what content to recommend to your audience. Now, your website is your video platform. Save past livestreams, even upload your own videos, to curate a playlist of recommendations.

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Store content in the cloud

Free up those gigs: The Switcher Cloud allows you to save, download, and store your Switcher productions. (You can also store assets for your video creation, like photos, video clips, graphics, sound effects, and more.)

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An end-to-end video Hosting Solution



Switcher Studio makes video creation (and sharing) easy and flexible.

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White label our embedded video players with your logo and colors.

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Switcher’s HTML5 video players work with almost any website.

Switcher Player FAQs

The Switcher Player is an HTML5 video player and can be embedded anywhere you can edit the HTML. If your website builder doesn’t allow JavaScript embeds, we have a simple iFrame version of the Switcher Player's embed code.
We have detailed instructions for embedding the Switcher Player into standard HTML, plus specific website builders like Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify. 
You don’t need a website to use the Switcher Player! We provide a unique Switcher Player URL, so you can still send viewers directly to your content without using a platform with ads or recommendations for other creators. 
No — Switcher doesn’t take any sales fee for Shopify sales made while using the Switcher Player.
Usage of the Switcher Player is measured in “viewed minutes.” This is calculated by the number of viewers you have times the number of minutes they watch. Easy, right? For example, if you do one 45-minute livestream each week, each stream with about 100 viewers, you’ll use just about 18,000 minutes each month. 
No problem! It's just $25 for 500 additional viewed minutes — or you can upgrade to add even more minutes to your regular subscription. Just contact our Sales Team to purchase additional minutes.


Photo of Euan Smith
“Switcher Studio's Gated Content has truly transformed my creative business, empowering me to create quality content that my audience values. If you're a creator struggling to monetize your live streams, I highly recommend trying Switcher Studio!”
Euan Smith
Musician and Teacher
Photo of Jon McLeod
“I use Switcher and the Switcher Player to host virtual events. Switcher allows me to create professional presentations, and the Switcher Player allows me to make them private so I can sell tickets. Plus, being able to upload pre-recorded videos and compile a library of content means I don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel to share my work. It's my go-to tool.”
Jon McLeod
Video Producer