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Switcher Studio + Switcher Cast

Bring your destkop screen or webcam to your Switcher Studio video productions with the free Switcher Cast desktop app.

Switcher Cast for macOS


Screenshare for streams and recordings

All it takes is a quick setup and you’re ready to select your Mac screen as a video input in your Switcher Studio iOS app. Local Area Network connectivity means high-quality and stable video from your Mac, so you can share anything from website demos to Let’s Plays. 

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Add your webcam to your production

When you need to add another camera angle to your multicamera, multisource Switcher production, use Switcher Cast to bring in your Mac desktop webcam — no additional gear needed. 


Record in HD with Director Mode

Record your productions in TV-quality high definition. With Switcher Cast and Switcher Studio’s Director Mode, you can capture HD recordings of your Mac screen. 

Switcher Cast for Windows


Share your PC screen on your streams

With the free Switcher Cast desktop app for Windows, you can bring slides, websites, and images from your PC desktop screen right into your Switcher Studio stream or video recording. Connecting your PC to the same Wi-Fi network as your main Switcher Studio device means low-bandwidth streaming for better quality. 

  Windows Director Mode

Record in HD with Director Mode

Don’t settle for less than perfect videos. Switcher Cast allows you to record your PC screen in crystal clear, TV-quality high definition, and with every cut and edit you made in Switcher Studio. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Both Switcher Cast for Mac and Switcher Cast for PC allow users to share their computer screens for streams and recordings and to record in HD using Director Mode. 

Switcher Cast for Mac also allows users to record and share their webcam footage, while Switcher Cast for PC does not. 

Additionally, because of the wide range of devices and hardware using Windows operating systems, Switcher Cast for Windows is still in beta. We recommend sharing slides, websites, or still images from your PC, but not video.

Switcher Cast is a complementary desktop application that allows Switcher Studio users to share their computer screens and Mac webcams in their Switcher Studio productions.  

Remote Guests is a feature of Switcher Studio that allows users to invite up to five other guests/devices to join their productions, so guests from around the world can share their phone cameras, webcams, or screens. With this feature, you can also use guest slots as additional camera sources to produce a stream or recording remotely. 


Since Switcher Cast is a desktop application, it requires some installation and setup to use. There are hardware and software requirements for both Mac and PC versions. Our Help Center articles outline the prerequisites and processes for setting up Switcher Cast on a Mac and Switcher Cast on a PC.

To use the Remote Guests feature, Switcher users generate a unique URL from the Video Chat tab on their main Switcher. Just like most browser-based video conferencing platforms, guests can join the Switcher Stream with their webcam or phone camera by clicking the URL. This feature works with nearly every browser and device. Guests joining from a computer can also share computer screens. Our Help Center article details how to use the Remote Guests/Video Chat feature.


To use Switcher Cast, your computer must be on the same local Wi-Fi network as the iOS devices you're using for Switcher Studio. Devices do not need to share a local network to use the Remote Guests feature.

Because of this, Switcher Cast sends data via your local area network, while the Remote Guests feature uses more internet bandwidth. If you’re trying to share your computer screen for your Switcher production, it may be easier to set up with Remote Guests, but if you have a slow internet connection, you may get higher quality video using Switcher Cast. 

Director Mode:

Switcher Studio's Director Mode can be used to capture HD video from all angles and automatically composite each angle and asset used during the production into one video file. 

Since Switcher Cast sends data over your local area network, recordings tend to be of higher quality, and Switcher Cast is compatible with Switcher Studio’s Director Mode, meaning you can capture screen recordings in HD. It’s not possible to gather local recordings when using Remote Guests, so the Remote Guests feature is not compatible with Director Mode. 

It’s easy to share an iOS device screen in your Switcher production. Just like screensharing your Mac or PC with Switcher Cast, iOS devices must be on the same local network as the main Switcher device to connect and share their screen. 

First, set up your main Switcher device. Then, open Switcher Studio on the iOS device you want to share. Before even logging in, you’ll see options to Use as Switcher and Share this Device. Simply click the Share this Device button and then Start Broadcast.

After this, you should be able to find your shared device in the Inputs tab on your main Switcher. 

You can follow step-by-step instructions (with images) in the Help Center article Screensharing an iOS Screen!

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