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Livestreaming is the perfect way to take your workshop, event, or conference online. Whether your event has an in-person component or will be exclusively digital, Switcher Studio makes it easy to stream to the platform of your choice — reaching more participants, fostering engagement, and building community. And Switcher lets you do it all with iPhones and iPads.



Stream your event or workshop with ease

Don’t cancel your event due to social distancing — just take it online! Switcher has all the functions you need to turn a dynamic event into a dynamic live video. Capture a demonstration with multicamera streaming, display a presentation or website with screensharing, even bring in a remote guest (or two or three!) using Video Chat.

Because Switcher runs entirely on iOS devices, there’s no need for expensive gear or outside videographers to get started. Simply set up your iPhones or iPads, sync them in the Switcher app, and produce your entire stream with simple taps. Use text to introduce speakers, topics, and segments. Add graphics to brand your event and share extra info. Even roll in prerecorded videos to show sponsor messages or earlier interviews.

Switcher integrates directly with Facebook, YouTube, Microsoft Stream, and Twitch — and you can stream nearly anywhere else using custom RTMP. You can even embed a stream on your own website if you’d like to gate access or monetize the event.

Switcher-Player-Gradient 1 Stream events directly to your website or to a private Switcher Studio URL. Upload prerecorded videos and even create playlists. Avoid ads and own your video content.

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How the Shorty Awards Used Switcher to Produce Videos Remotely

The Shorty Awards needed a virtual way to conduct their annual post-show interviews, and Switcher Studio's services made that happen.

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Switcher Shoutouts

David Burrows

Switcher Studio has given me the power to provide top-level, professional-quality livestreaming. Offering multiple camera angles helps capture all the important moments in a livestream. I have been able to build a livestreaming business in my community thanks to the tools and support that Switcher Studio offers.

DAVID BURROWS, Pro Live-Streamer & Community Advocate

We saw [that Switcher] is a way more powerful video tool that we could be using to make these even higher quality than if we were to edit them. It was an opportunity to introduce people to a new platform and make it a little bit more prestigious.

Marketing and Partnership Manager at the Shorty Awards