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How to
Livestream your
Church Services

Livestreaming is an amazing evangelism tool for churches — and it doesn’t have to mean buying lots of equipment and hiring videographers.


Don't be daunted by livestreaming

The idea of livestreaming your church services may feel daunting, but fear not. This guide will cover all the basics of livestreaming in simple terms. You’ll learn about cameras and multicam switchers, support and audio, and encoding and networking — helping you understand the process from start to finish. And at the end, you’ll get a glimpse of Switcher Studio, which provides an easy, affordable way to livestream your church services using devices you likely already own.

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"When we use it the right way, social media can be very effective for evangelism and church planting. We can bring voices to the oppressed and create connections that turn into real-life relationships."

Ed Stetzer