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Cartr by Switcher Studio

Seamless Shopify Integration. Powerful Facebook Live Shopping Tools.

Cartr integrates your Shopify store with the Switcher Studio app to easily sell your products on stunning Facebook Live shopping streams — and let your customers start their carts just by commenting.

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Cartr Features

Our Cartr app on Shopify simplifies Facebook live shopping for you and your customers.


Simplify inventory management

Manage your product inventory centrally in Shopify, and easily access your collections in the Switcher Studio iOS app — no need to maintain multiple product catalogs on different systems. When you go live on Facebook, you can simply tap to feature items from your collections while you livestream.


Turn Facebook comments into sales

Your Facebook Live viewers can add items to their carts simply by commenting on your streams. Our checkout chatbot, Cartr, will help finalize order details —  like size, color, and quantity — through an automated DM on Facebook Messenger before the viewer is directed to your site to complete their purchase.


Own the customer checkout experience

Unlike other checkout apps, our solution lets checkout occur on your Shopify site, allowing your customers to make purchases without having to create a new account or register on another system. Plus, you’ll keep all of the customer data from every transaction — providing you with valuable insight about your buyers.


Get access to all of Switcher’s video creation tools

When you integrate your Shopify store with Switcher Studio, you also get access to all of Switcher’s powerful features — giving you the ability to overlay logos, graphics, and on-screen text; customize split-view layouts; sync up to nine iOS cameras for multicam productions; create video clips; invite remote guests; multistream to various destinations simultaneously; and more.

How to pair your Shopify store with Switcher

Follow these simple steps to integrate your Shopify store with the Switcher Studio iOS app using Cartr. (Already a current Switcher user? No worries — just add the Cartr Shopify app to your Shopify store and log in to your existing Switcher account.)

Install Cart on your Shopify Store

1. Install Cartr on your Shopify store

Look for Cartr by Switcher Studio in the Shopify app store and install it on your Shopify store.

Create your Switcher Studio account

2. Create your Switcher Studio account

You need a Switcher account to use Cartr to sell your Shopify products on Facebook Live. Create a new account, or log in to an existing one.

Download the Switcher Studio iOS app

3. Download the Switcher Studio iOS app

Download Switcher Studio to your iPhone or iPad to start creating stunning shopping streams.

For Shopify Sellers

Customize, stream, record, or embed shoppable video. Live shopping boosts sales and engages viewers.



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