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Monthly Billing
Annual Billing


Most Popular
Most Popular

$20 off your first month, renews at

$95 off your first year, renews at

For individuals or small teams seeking to monetize their video content

    Plus $.99 transaction fees for video passes and subscriptions

    50 video uploads with no limits on video length
    20,000 viewed minutes per month on embedded videos and livestreams
    Standard customer support and a dedicated customer success manager



New Plan
New Plan

$60 off your first month, renews at $299/mo

$600 off your first year, renews at

For businesses that want to grow their subscriber base

    Plus $.99 transaction fees for video passes and subscriptions

    100 video uploads with no limits on video length
    200,000 viewed minutes per month on embedded videos and livestreams
    Priority customer support and a dedicated customer success manager



Advanced and custom solutions
Advanced and custom solutions

For established teams with unique video commerce needs

    Our team can create a plan that’s just right for you

    Personalized onboarding
    Premium support and a dedicated customer success manager
    Load testing, live event monitoring, and much more



Get Business


Get Business+
Gated Content

$.99 per transaction

$.99 per transaction

Subscriptions NEW

$.99 per subscriber per month

$.99 per subscriber per month

Donations and tithing
Customizable CTA graphics
Interactive video player links
Brand-Building and Engagement  
Embeddable video player

20,000 viewed minutes

$25 for every additional 500 viewed minutes

200,000 viewed minutes

$25 for every additional 500 viewed minutes

Video Library 50 100
Interactive Switcher Player
Player analytics
Video player URL
Seamless integrations
Microsoft Stream
Custom RTMP destinations
Built-in Multistreaming 20 destinations 20 destinations
Switcher as a Webcam
Remote Guests
5 guests 5 guests
Private guest chat
Production preview window
Live Facebook polls
On-screen comments
Help Center Resource Library
Community Facebook Group
Email Support
Standard Chat Support
Phone Support
Dedicated Chat Support
Dedicated Account Manager
Dedicated Onboarding Sessions
Video Creation  
Stream on iOS
Record on iOS
Real time live editing
Multimedia graphics
Logos and corner bugs
Lower thirds
Donation overlays
Full-screen layout templates
Title cards
Countdown timers
Animated text
Prerecorded video
Sound effects and audio files
Multicamera, multisource video
Support for up to 9 iOS devices
Multiview templates
Shared screens
Production tools
Brand profiles
Production groups
Audio monitoring
Director mode
Low-latency mode
Standard Wi-Fi mode/Wi-Fi optimization mode
Voice mode
Remote production
Cloud asset storage
Clips creator
Switcher Cast integrated screensharing for macOS and Windows

Your end-to-end video ecosystem

Made with creators in mind and powerful enough for the biggest enterprises — Switcher is everything you need to create, share, and monetize live and recorded videos.

Discover The Best Plan For You

Compare traditional production
with Switcher

Switcher was designed as an alternative to expensive, complicated video productions. See how we stack up against a conventional three-camera livestream setup.

Without Switcher
Video cameras$500–$1000/each
Video switcher$500
Processing and encoding software$1,200
Production team$1000–$2000
Graphic design$100–$200
Multistreaming software$200/annually
Video hosting$144–$1,000

Cost: $6000–$10,000*

*does not include the cost of a dolly or chiropractor

With Switcher
Record and stream on mobile
Wireless multicamera/multisource video
Video switcher
Livestream encoder
Customizable graphics templates
Simple interface for one-tap editing
Built-in multistreaming
Embeddable video player

Cost: $79

per month billed annually

Switcher has everything you need to produce great livestreams and video content — and it fits in your pocket.

4.6 out of 5

Rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 2k Reviews on the Apple App Store.

Frequently asked questions

Usage of the Switcher Player is measured in “viewed minutes.” This is calculated by the number of viewers you have times the number of minutes they watch. Easy, right? For example, if you do one 45-minute livestream each week, each stream with about 100 viewers, you’ll use just about 18,000 minutes each month. 
No problem! It's just $25 for 500 additional viewed minutes — or you can upgrade to add even more minutes to your regular subscription. Just contact our Sales Team to purchase additional minutes.
We love a challenge, and our Enterprise solutions can be customized to suit your needs — whatever they are. Contact our Sales Team to start building the perfect solution.
Switcher doesn’t have bandwidth limitations, but since Switcher relies on your Wi-Fi network, your stream performance is determined by your internet speed. You can check out our stream quality settings and required upload speeds support document to understand how your internet impacts Switcher’s performance. 
You can cancel up to 24 hours before the end of your current billing cycle, and you can continue using Switcher Studio until the end of your billing cycle.

All gated content pass and subscription purchases are processed securely through our partner, Stripe. It takes just a few minutes to set up and connect a Stripe account. Then, you can view and manage your payouts on the Switcher dashboard. Your bank account information is kept secure and private, and you can count on timely payouts.

You can see a breakdown of Stripe's fees here

Yes, but Switcher's gated content fees are simple: just $.99. That means $.99 per transaction for one-time passes. For subscriptions, it’s $.99 per subscriber per month. 

Stripe charges additional payment processing fees — you can see a full breakdown of all gated content fees in our Help Center.