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Keep employees in the loop with live video for internal comms

From onboarding to announcements, Switcher Studio makes it easy to livestream pro-quality internal comms videos that keep employees informed and engaged. And since it runs entirely on iPhones and iPads, you don’t need to outsource production to create branded streams for your company.



Engage employees
6x better

Live video has been shown to be six times more engaging than prerecorded video, which means it’s a must-have for organizations looking to keep their employees in the know. Switcher Studio lets internal comms, HR, and other departments stream polished live videos of events, training sessions, announcements, panels, and more.

You can sync up to 9 iOS devices to capture multiple angles, switching angles in real time. Roll in text, graphics, and prerecorded video to add context, information, and production value. Even bring in remote team members, guests, or experts from other locations — right into your stream or video meeting. Plus, save and export your stream in HD for anyone who missed it.

Switcher-Player-Gradient White label and embed a video player on almost any webpage. Stream to your domain, add information and links, even create playlists.

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Switcher Shoutouts

Our company does a weekly live show which reaches out to 600,000 on Facebook every week. We could take shots from around the full showroom and still have the main switching device in our studio. We also ran a competition for 50% off all canvases and took over £65,000 in sales in 5 hours.

ROBERT HAMILTON, Founder at Big Spark Creative

Best compliment from a client to date:"You made a believer out of me." I said, "No, Switcher made a believer out of you." Side note: He [had] just signed me on to do a real estate project with him. I’m responsible for all of his social media. Two weeks later and over 5.6k views on our page and climbing.


I love Switcher for my business!

TANYA HAHN, Independent Designer at Chalk Couture