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Fast-Track Live Selling on Facebook

Introducing the Copilot Program: Setup, strategy, and support services to get you selling live in 30 days or less. Sync your Shopify products with Facebook, publish your Facebook Shop, and learn how to use the Switcher Studio app to create branded Facebook Live Shopping streams.

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Sync Shopify to Facebook

Let us help you grow your online sales by handling Facebook Commerce setup and creating a Facebook Shop for your business. We’ll also sync your Shopify products directly to your Facebook Shop.


Plan, prep, and go live

We ensure that your first Facebook Live Shopping stream is a success, everything from content strategy development to enabling customers to purchase directly from your livestreams — all in under 30 days!


Get help along the way

Technical issues and questions are bound to arise — that’s why we offer scheduled support calls to provide in-depth training sessions, help troubleshoot problems, and offer detailed solutions.

How the Live Selling Copilot Program Works

Live selling on Facebook has lots of moving parts: syncing your Shopify products to Facebook, getting your Facebook Commerce and Facebook Shop set up, figuring out what gear is needed, determining the content of your live selling streams, planning your live selling calendar, and so on.

This process can be time consuming, especially if you have limited resources. That’s where the Live Selling Copilot Program comes in handy — you get to focus on running your business while we take care of the technical set up and live selling strategy!

We’ll also help you set up the Switcher Studio iOS app and train your team on how to use its powerful live selling features, like adding your logo to your livestreams, creating video clips, using Live Selling Cards to showcase your products, enabling Vertical Video Mode, and more.

To help guide you through the setup process and prepare you for your first Facebook Live Shopping stream, we’ve partnered with our friends at Red Tag Digital. In 30 days or less, we’ll work together to assist you throughout the three phases of the Live Selling Copilot Program: setup, strategy, and support.


Setup with Red Tag Digital

To get you started, our partners at Red Tag Digital will provide onboarding assistance and help ensure you’re properly set up on Shopify and Facebook to start selling live. Setup consists of:

  • Setting up Facebook Commerce for your business
  • Syncing your Shopify products to Facebook
  • Publishing your Facebook Shop
  • Ensuring access to the Facebook Promotions feature for Live Selling

Strategy development with Switcher Studio

After onboarding, we’ll work with you to develop a successful live selling strategy for your first Facebook Live Shopping stream — ensuring you go live in under 30 days. Switcher’s strategy services include:

  • Setting a Go Live date and creating a 30-day plan
  • Consulting on livestream content 
  • Sharing best practices for your live selling streams
  • Providing gear recommendations

Dedicated phone and technical support

Throughout the 30-day program, you’ll have a dedicated Switcher account manager that will assist you with all of your technical support needs and questions. Switcher’s support services include:

  • Scheduling support calls
  • Training sessions with your team
  • Helping set up the Switcher iOS Live Selling app
  • Organizing a technology test run through a private livestream

Program pricing

Whether your business just needs help getting started through your first Facebook Live Shopping stream, or you want ongoing live selling expertise and assistance, the Live Selling Copilot Program has you covered.

Live Selling Copilot Program

Our one-time setup, strategy, and support services get you selling live within 30 days.


One-time charge

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What happens after your first Live Shopping stream?

If you’re interested in help that goes beyond your first Facebook Live Shopping stream, chat with your Switcher account manager about our ongoing services.


Strategy and Support


Ongoing Switcher Services

  • Monthly check-ins
  • Monthly live selling newsletters
  • Additional Switcher Studio training
  • Early access to live selling webinars with industry experts
  • Networking opportunities with other retailers
  • And more