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Livestream to
LinkedIn Like a Pro

LinkedIn Live is THE platform for people looking to network, sell, hire, and grow their influence. You've already put in the work to make your personal and company profiles stand out, why not make your livestreams look the part as well? Switcher Studio makes it easy to create high-quality, professional-looking LinkedIn Live videos with the mobile devices you already own.



Go live on LinkedIn with Switcher Studio

Once you've been accepted to stream on LinkedIn Live, you need to know how to go live on LinkedIn. For that you'll need to find the right third-party streaming software. As a Preferred LinkedIn Live Partner with a direct LinkedIn integration, Switcher Studio is the obvious choice. We offer powerful, easy-to-use, mobile-friendly software so that you can take your productions anywhere — and especially to the next level!

Create live videos that outshine the competition

Promote more than your selfie:
Showcase your products and services from multiple angles

LinkedIn lets you connect with potential customers all over the world, while Switcher lets you connect multiple cameras to show off everything you have to offer. No wonder it’s a must-have tool for social selling on LinkedIn. Demonstrate your products from multiple angles by linking up to 9 iOS cameras on your Wi-Fi network. You can even zoom in and out, unlike Zoom. Selling your services? Screenshare your slide deck presentation from your Mac, PC, or iOS device right into your LinkedIn Live videos. Show your potential customers why your offerings beat your competitors’ while answering their questions in real time.

Share thoughts like a leader:
Grow your career and network with engaging content

Sharing knowledge and fostering conversation are key to expanding your network and influence on LinkedIn. Livestream a discussion about what’s going on in your industry, or host virtual interviews with other thought leaders in your space. Switcher’s simple Video Chat tools let you invite guests to join you from anywhere and nearly any device. These streams show off your know-how to the massive LinkedIn network.

Face the world head on:
Put your best face forward with higher camera quality

Most third-party streaming services use either your low-res webcam or expensive and bulky cameras to capture video, leaving you stuck choosing between crummy quality and high-end gear you don’t own or know how to use. Switcher, on the other hand, uses the incredible high-res cameras built into the iOS devices you already have and use. You get beautiful live footage, straight from your iPhone or iPad with just a few taps.

Hire talent with higher quality:
Attract top candidates with branded company videos

When it comes to landing highly qualified candidates, nothing matters more than your employer brand: your company culture, values, and reputation. Give candidates a peek into what your company has to offer with employee interviews, behind-the-scenes tours, announcement streams, and more. Switcher’s live-editing tools let you brand and polish these videos in real time.

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Switcher Shoutouts

Goldie Chan Warm Robots

If you’re thinking about doing live-streaming that’s super easy and literally just requires your phone, you can even do interviews using just your phone, check out Switcher Studio! They’re one of the approved partners that LinkedIn works with.

GOLDIE CHAN, Founder at Warm Robots

Chris Harper The Arbor Company

We recently got accepted into the LinkedIn Live beta and did our first LinkedIn Live today with Switcher! I am super impressed with the quality of the stream. Makes me want to do the Facebook 1080 beta with Switcher!

CHRIS HARPER, Vice President, Communication at The Arbor Company