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All the ingredients you need for a live cooking show

Show off your chops with your very own cooking show. Switcher Studio makes it simple to livestream a multicamera show from your kitchen with just iPhones and iPads. Switch angles and edit your stream in real time — capturing both your kitchen and your knife skills.

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Whip up a livestream in no time flat

Whether you’re a pro chef in a restaurant kitchen or a foodie in your own apartment, you can create an amazing cooking show with Switcher Studio. Switcher lets you connect up to 9 iPhones and iPads to capture every angle, and its familiar iOS interface lets you live-edit your stream with simple taps. So you can literally make a soufflé and a show at the same time — or put your sous chef on editing duty! No prior video-editing experience required.

Bring any type of cooking show to life. Roll in graphics and prerecorded video to play an opener or reveal how you prepped ingredients before your stream. Or go full-on Top Chef and stream a competition. Add in lower thirds and text to show who’s behind the counter and what ingredients they’ve got to incorporate. You could even take a cue from Rachael Ray and bring in amazing guests. Have them join you in your kitchen or remotely through Video Chat.

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Hear Sun Basket's Streaming Story

How do you make use of affordable digital marketing solutions and cut through the clutter to reach customers? Sun Basket, a healthy meal kit delivery service, is doing just that by using Switcher Studio to integrate livestreaming into their marketing strategy.

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Facebook Live continues to outperform ‘regular’ video content and static, in-feed content by a long shot.

ALICIA EGAN, Marketing Associate — Social Media, Sun Basket

Live video, specifically for going Facebook Live with Switcher, is a great opportunity to talk directly to our customers right then and there. We actually have our head chef, the person that’s made thousands of recipes for us, there to answer any questions viewers submit, and we show different camera angles like a real TV production.

MATT CHAVEZ, Video Producer, Sun Basket