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Livestream Video Games
with an iOS APP

Looking for a way to livestream video games without getting a bunch of expensive gear? Switcher’s got you covered with an iOS app that’s perfect for streaming games. 



Stream Video Games on iOS

Invest in your gaming experience — not your livestreaming setup. When you use Switcher Studio’s iOS app for streaming games, you can easily:

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Capture your gameplay, facial expressions, and commentary.

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Add unique layouts, templates, graphics, sound effects, and more.

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Multistream to your favorite destinations and engage with viewers.

Multiple Gaming Platforms, Just One App

Switcher Studio is a powerful and versatile multicamera livestreaming app that makes it simple to stream video game content on iOS. 


Easily capture mobile gameplay

Billions of people play mobile games regularly, and the quality of games you can play on your mobile device is always improving. All you need to stream mobile video games on iOS is more than one iOS device (finally, a use for your old iPhone or iPad!) With Switcher Studio, you can use one iOS device to produce your livestream and work as a face cam, and then one to run your game. 


Use Switcher Cast to capture your Mac screen

The Switcher Cast desktop app makes it possible to easily capture your Mac screen and share it in your Switcher Studio production. That means you can capture gameplay of any one of the iOS games that also run on Mac computers with the Apple Silicon chip — or you can use a capture card to connect consoles like the Nintendo Switch, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S to your Mac and use them in your Switcher production.

  Accsoon SeeMo and Switcher Studio

Use the Accsoon SeeMo to capture console gameplay

Switcher Studio now offers a direct integration with the Accsoon SeeMo. That means devices with an HDMI output — mirrorless and DSLR cameras, cinema cameras, GoPros, and even gaming consoles — can be used as a source in your Switcher Studio production. From your PC to your Nintendo Switch and everything in between, if it has an HDMI output, you can stream it with Switcher Studio.

Customize the Look of Your Video Game Stream

With outstanding video quality and dynamic visuals, Switcher Studio helps you level up your live video. 

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stream in hd and full hd

Looking for a way to livestream video games without getting a bunch of expensive gear? Switcher’s got you covered with an iOS app that’s perfect for streaming games. 


Show every angle with Multiview templates

The Switcher Studio mobile was designed for multicamera, multisource video. That means our built-in templates make it easy to show your gameplay — and your reactions to it — at the same time. 

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Stand out with customizable graphics

Part of a high-quality let’s play is high-quality graphics — and Switcher makes it simple. If you’ve got an eye for design, easily upload your own files. Or, if you want to start streaming right away, quickly edit one of Switcher’s hundreds of customizable graphics templates. 

Start for free

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Share your world with the world

Switcher makes it possible to create incredible video, and then share that video with the world.


multistream to reach every audience

Now that you’ve got the perfect setup for streaming your let’s play on your iOS device, it’s time to share your stream with the world. Switcher Studio is unique because it not only enables awesome streaming on iOS — it also supports multistreaming on iOS. That means you can stream to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Live, and even your own website, all at the same time.


Grow your audience with clips

Once your livestream is over, your content doesn’t have to fade away. Switcher’s built-in Clips creator lets you transform your Switcher productions into YouTube Shorts, TikToks, reels, or stories without ever leaving the app. Adjust the length, playback speed, and aspect ratio, and even add text before sharing directly to your favorite social platforms.

Switcher Shoutouts

Photo of Jon McLeod
“I use Switcher and the Switcher Player to host virtual events. Switcher allows me to create professional presentations, and the Switcher Player allows me to make them private so I can sell tickets. Plus, being able to upload pre-recorded videos and compile a library of content means I don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel to share my work. It's my go-to tool.”
Jon McLeod
Video Producer
Photo of Dominic Compagnone
“ The Accsoon SeeMo integration completely opens up what we can do with Switcher — it expands our capabilities and will allow us to enhance our service offering to clients, giving them and us a choice on how we deliver live stream and video production services. If you’ve been on the fence about Switcher because you saw iPhones being the limiting factor at your event, it’s time to get started. This is what you’ve been waiting for.”
Dominic Compagnone
Founder of Streeem

4.6 out of 5

Rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 2k Reviews on the Apple App Store.