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Create Nonprofit Videos That Inspire

Switcher Studio can help your organization create nonprofit videos that grow awareness, inspire action, and even raise funds. Create pro-quality, multicam fundraising videos using devices you already have (iPhones and iPads). Embed videos or livestreams on your website, or multistream to Facebook, YouTube, or almost anywhere else.

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Social video hosting platforms make money from selling the videos you create to their users and advertisers. Nonprofit organizations: It’s time to own your video content! Switcher Player can be fully customized and embedded seamlessly on almost any website. That way, the only brand your viewers see on your video content is your brand.

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Whether you’re livestreaming a fundraising campaign or hosting a class series, the Switcher Player is perfect for nonprofits raising awareness. Live or on-demand, your video viewers can explore your description, find resources, and donate via connected platforms. Plus, you can enable Gated Content on any video, livestream, or collection of videos to earn directly from your supporters.

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Your nonprofit's real-time reach is limitless thanks to live video. Switcher Studio makes it easy to stream to the platform of your choice — reaching more people, fostering engagement, and building community. And Switcher lets you do it all with iPhones and iPads.

How can you use live video to inspire?

  • Share your cause and opportunities to get involved
  • Interview team members or volunteers about your programs
  • Host interactive fundraisers on social media
  • Take supporters behind-the-scenes of your organization

Switcher-Player-Gradient 1 Avoid platform algorithms, ads, and content recommendations. White label and stream directly to your own webpages — even add links for donations.

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Limitless Livestreaming Opportunities

Here are just a few of the ways nonprofits can use Switcher to connect with their audiences online:

  • Schools & Universities: Stream or record lessons online
  • Churches & Religious Organizations: Stream your service or daily scripture readings
  • Local Government: Stream media briefings and live Q&As
  • Health Departments: Share content and resources
  • Public Works Departments: Share information through live video
  • Libraries: Stream readings of children’s books
  • Local Districts: Remotely connect members and stream meetings
  • Nonprofit Organizations: Stream your workshop online

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Stories are at the very heart of nonprofit work, driving both the missions and the funding. From donors and philanthropists to community members and recipients, everyone involved has a story. To tell these stories is both the high honor and the tall task of nonprofit staff — a task the Community Foundation of Louisville staff is accomplishing through live video.

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Switcher Shoutouts

emily dame

PWCF was able to raise $56,594 from our fundraiser, surpassing our original goal of $40,000 by $16,594 — or 141% of our fundraising goal! We've had over 1,000 views of our livestream on Facebook. ... During the livestream we were able to connect remotely with guests in 5 different locations, which was awesome and really brought a special element to the event.

EMILY DAME, M.Ed., Executive Director of Prader-Willi California Foundation

Nonprofits often think they have to have something really fancy to tell a story, and the truth is you don't have to have something really fancy. Your iPhone and the Switcher app can make something that is absolutely incredible.

MOLLY MELIA, Marketing and Communications Associate for the Community Foundation of Louisville

Over the last 6 months, we have used Switcher Studio to work with organizations to bring their fundraising events online. Events don’t all need to be canceled. They just need a different approach. In the last 6 months alone, we have helped organizations make their events virtual and raise over $250,000 for their charities.

BERNIE MARTIN, Marketing Strategist, All Day Breakfast - A Creative Agency