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Host virtual showings and
open houses
through live video

Take more potential buyers to more properties by livestreaming your listings. Switcher Studio makes it easy for real estate agents to create stunning live video tours and showings with just iPhones and iPads. Stream to your Facebook page, YouTube channel, or elsewhere — taking questions from buyers in the comments and showcasing all the amenities they want to see.



Real estate videos
in real time

You know how powerful photos can be when it comes to garnering interest in a property. Video — and live video, in particular — can show even more of what a home has to offer. And Switcher lets you livestream home showings with your existing gear and your existing skill set. You don’t need any production chops to create dynamic videos, just the real estate know-how that you already have!

Switcher’s got tons of simple editing tools that help you create the perfect video for each home. You can connect up to 9 iPhones and iPads to show multiple angles inside and outside a space, or you can use a single device. Easily add text to share info about location, neighborhood, rooms, and amenities. Roll in graphics, logos, and CTAs to brand your stream and share your contact info. Or roll in prerecorded video to showcase other nearby perks.

Switcher-Player-Gradient 1 Bypass the algorithm by streaming directly to a white-label video player on your website. Embed prerecorded videos and curate content playlists.

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Switcher Shoutouts

Over the last 6 months, we have used Switcher Studio to work with organizations to bring their fundraising events online. Events don’t all need to be canceled. They just need a different approach. In the last 6 months alone, we have helped organizations make their events virtual and raise over $250,000 for their charities.

BERNIE MARTIN, Marketing Strategist, All Day Breakfast - A Creative Agency

Switcher understands that not everyone is super techy. They have a kind of foolproof guide for anything you want to do, and they’ll even do one-on-one conversations with you before an event. They are just super supportive, helpful, and friendly.

MICHAEL LAKE, Recruitment Manager for Global Campus Activation at L'Oréal

Our company does a weekly live show which reaches out to 600,000 on Facebook every week. We could take shots from around the full showroom and still have the main switching device in our studio. We also ran a competition for 50% off all canvases and took over £65,000 in sales in 5 hours.

ROBERT HAMILTON, Founder at Big Spark Creative

Best compliment from a client to date:"You made a believer out of me." I said, "No, Switcher made a believer out of you." Side note: He [had] just signed me on to do a real estate project with him. I’m responsible for all of his social media. Two weeks later and over 5.6k views on our page and climbing.