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Create Online Experiences with Engaging Video

Less Zoom, more va-va-voom. Switcher Studio livens up your virtual offerings — tastings, travel, tours, and more — creating experiences that are more dynamic, immersive, and engaging. And to make it simple, Switcher works with Macs, PCs, and iOS devices


Virtual Selling Using Switcher

Creative Virtual Events on
Any Platform

Let’s leave static, single-angle video experiences in 2020 where they belong. Switcher Studio lets you stream to Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and beyond through the Switcher as a Webcam feature. With Switcher you can sync multiple iPhones and iPads to capture the action from multiple angles — whether it’s happening inside a chef’s kitchen or atop a mountain peak.

Switcher connects directly with your video conferencing platform but breaks the barriers of its existing format, letting you customize and brand your experiences with prerecorded video, text, titles, graphics, picture-in-picture layouts, VIP guests, and more. Because virtual experiences shouldn’t feel like conference calls.

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