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New in Switcher Studio 3.0 — Easily Add Graphics to Your Live Videos

by Whitney Mattingly
March 2, 2017

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Core Feature Updates

  • A new iPhone user interface;
  • A new graphics elements tab to simplify graphic insertions into broadcasts;
  • New autofocus and zoom capabilities for smoother, more professional looking shots;
  • Improved FaceBook Live audio/video sync.

NEW Advanced Camera Controls

Switcher Studio 3.0 adds precision control of advanced camera settings with a new menu system featuring sliders for each option. Version 3.0 also includes the addition of “Grey Card” features for quickly matching color between multiple cameras. New slider controls enable users simple access and control, including:

Video Insertion

Audio Improvements

About the Author

Whitney Mattingly

Whitney is Switcher Studio's head of special projects. Prior to joining Switcher, she worked in the agency world, helping clients develop their digital marketing strategies, providing training on social media best practices, crafting content, and staying on top of digital trends.

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