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We've got you covered from
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Whether you’re planning an industry conference, a company meeting, or an exclusive story, Switcher's virtual events can help you stay connected even if you can’t be in the same place.


Live video production,
sans the sat truck

The next couple of months will be marked by a profound shift in daily work and life. Some industries and organizations are going to be devastated, and the impact will be far-reaching. However, now more than ever, companies and organizations are looking to take their content online through video — many for the very first time.

Live video is quickly becoming the new normal, and Switcher is doing its part to keep people connected.

With Switcher's remote production team, you can rest assured that we can stream exclusive stories, interviews, conferences, events, sports, and more for you — remotely — so you can still reach your audience.

Stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, your own website, and beyond.

It’s the easy way to innovate, preserving the real-time appeal of live events and conferences and adding interaction and engagement online.

Want Switcher to produce your next event? Get started:

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Switcher Shoutouts

It would have taken a lot more time. We would have had to do not only the producing ourselves, but also all of the editing and uploading, Switcher just helped cut out two of those major steps that it was going to take.

Marketing and Partnership Manager at the Shorty Awards