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Small Business
Video Production

Your small business has a unique story, and video can help you tell it. See how small businesses grow on a tight budget using Switcher Studio! Create professional video content in less time using the gear you already have. Get that content in front of the right people, and even monetize your videos.

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Small Businesses Use Switcher Studio To:



Create branded, multicamera videos and livestreams.



Use Multistreaming to reach every destination at once.



Embed video on their website with the Switcher Player.

  Reach Your Audience

Reach your audience where they are with Multistreaming

Trying to grow your customer base? Our built-in Multistreaming feature makes it easy to dramatically increase your reach with no additional effort. Stream to up to 30 locations at one time — that means Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitch, and more — without using any additional bandwidth.

  Switcher Player

Own your content with the Switcher Player

Drive traffic to your website with our embeddable HTML5 video player. You can stream directly to your webpage, upload videos, and create playlists of content to keep customers on your site. Add interactive links to drive action, and even add live shopping capabilities with our Shopify integration.

  Short Form Video

Share short-form videos on social

It’s all about snackable content. Using Switcher’s built-in Clips creator, you can create short clips of your Switcher productions. Adjust the length, playback speed, and aspect ratio. Then add text, graphics, and titles before sharing directly to Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.

  Remote Guests

Invite remote guests from anywhere in the world

Share the spotlight with collaborators, customers, and VIPS. Our Remote Guests function lets you invite guests from anywhere in the world. They can join your production from any device when you share a simple link (no need for guests to download the software).

Compare traditional production
with Switcher Studio

Switcher was designed as an alternative to expensive, complicated video productions. See how we stack up against a conventional three-camera livestream setup.

Without Switcher
Video cameras$500–$1000/each
Video switcher$500
Processing and encoding software$1,200
Production team$1000–$2000
Graphic design$100–$200
Multistreaming software$200/annually
Video hosting$144–$1,000

Cost: $6000–$10,000*

*does not include the cost of a dolly or chiropractor

With Switcher
Record and stream on mobile
Wireless multicamera/multisource video
Video switcher
Livestream encoder
Customizable graphics templates
Simple interface for one-tap editing
Built-in multistreaming
Embeddable video player

Cost: $79

per month billed annually

Switcher Shoutouts

Photo of Jon McLeod
“I use Switcher and the Switcher Player to host virtual events. Switcher allows me to create professional presentations, and the Switcher Player allows me to make them private so I can sell tickets. Plus, being able to upload pre-recorded videos and compile a library of content means I don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel to share my work. It's my go-to tool.”
Jon McLeod
Video Producer

4.6 out of 5

Rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 1.6k Reviews on the Apple App Store.