Getting started in live video and need some guidance or inspiration? Look no further. We've met lots of experts in the field of live video and it can be hard to decide who really knows what they're talking about. Here are 5 people we think you should follow. 


Dave Basulto


Inventer of the iOgrapher case, Basulto became an entrepreneur at the age of 51, and now spends his time helping people create high-quality video on mobile devices and developing new products. He's also the author of Life, Camera, Action- How to Turn Your Mobile Device into a Filmmaking Powerhouse. 

Find Dave here:

Website   Facebook   Twitter   Linkedin   YouTube


Luria Petrucci

She's been live streaming and doing online video for 11 years. At, Luria helps you start, grow and monetize your live streaming show to establish your expertise, build your audience, increase engagement, and increase revenue.

Find Luria here:

Website   Facebook   Twitter   Linkedin   YouTube


Brian Fanzo


In 2016, Brian spoke at over 50 events in 10 countries highlighting his passion for technology, change, collaboration, and community. As Chief Executive Officer, Brian helps brands embrace change in technology, social media and live streaming by focusing on philosophy, people and strategy.

Find Brian here:

Website   Facebook    Twitter   Linkedin   YouTube   Instagram   Periscope   Snapchat

Ross Brand


Every week Ross showcases talented livestream broadcasters and asks them how they are using live video to build their brands and businesses. 

Find Ross here:

Website   Facebook   Twitter   Linkedin   YouTube


Joel Comm


Joel is a leading voice in live video marketing. Whether using tools such as Facebook Live, Periscope or Snapchat to broadcast or leveraging the power of emerging technologies.

Find Joel here:

Website   Facebook   Twitter   Linkedin   YouTube   




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