From NBA stars like Meyers Leonard and Devin Booker streaming on Twitch to MLB and NFL teams broadcasting on Facebook Live, many teams, leagues, and players have pivoted to digital media as a way to connect with fans since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the sports industry has faced shutdowns, cancellations, and fanless events, innovations in livestreaming and content creation offer new opportunities for brand sponsors to engage with their viewers. Here are six ways to activate brands in sports livestreams using Switcher Studio. 

1. Feature your brand partners with watermarks or logo overlays.

One of the most efficient ways to gain brand exposure for sponsors without distracting from the game is to use overlays. Small logo overlays can sit on the top, bottom, sides, and corners of a stream; you can even rotate among multiple logos throughout a stream. To achieve this affect in the Switcher app, upload custom sponsor logos as overlay assets using the blue plus button. Tapping the asset will display the sponsor logo on-screen. 

2. Create customized sponsored segments with prerecorded video.

What is the best way to go from a simple logo to a meaningful and engaging brand experience? Connect the brand to the broadcast by incorporating customized video segments. A great way to mix in customized segments is to record them ahead of time and integrate them as prerecorded video assets. For a look at how to upload prerecorded video, check out this GIF:Adding prerecorded video to Switcher

3. Utilize branded title cards to transition in and out of the stream.

Many popular streamers utilize intro, outro, and be-right-back cards to let their audiences know the status of their streams. Incorporating branding into title cards creates simple exposure opportunities for sponsors without distracting from the main content of a stream. To add title cards, simply tap the blue plus button and add full-screen images as assets.

4. Stream tailored content to multiple platforms.

To ensure that your brand and partners reach fans across the internet, you need content that is consistent and varied. Whether you’re livestreaming games, player interviews, sports business news, or lifestyle content, consider the platform audience you’re streaming to. For more business-focused streams such as expert panels, consider LinkedIn Live (Switcher is one of LinkedIn Live's Preferred Partners). For game livestreams, Facebook Live is a popular place for casual fans to catch the score. On Twitch, chatters can interact directly with their favorite players through fan Q&As. Planning a variety of content to stream across your team’s channels will attract current and new fans while giving your sponsors the best possible exposure. Switcher Studio supports livestreaming to Facebook Live, LinkedIn Live, YouTube, Twitch, Amazon Live, and more.

5. Cross-promote across social media using bite-sized content.

Just because the red “live” light has been turned off doesn’t mean the content is finished. Small, snackable edits of longer livestreams are perfect to share as videos or even GIFs on your team Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds. Fans who might have missed the streams can still enjoy the best parts of the broadcast, while brands can further their exposure across team social channels. This is a great opportunity to add branding to relevant clips after the stream by way of watermarks, intro and outro swipes after the stream to relevant clips. On Switcher, you can use Director Mode to save livestreams as HD, recorded videos for later editing.

6. Engage the stream chat using polls and giveaways.

Sponsors of sports teams and leagues are always looking for new ways to engage fans with their brand. Utilizing new tools available on streaming platforms can be a great way for fans to interact. On Twitch, for example, streamers can run giveaways of merch and branded products or even offer meet and greet opportunities to engaged chatters. Running polls can be a great way to gauge how fans feel about a particular game, player, or even a sponsored product. Polls and giveaways can easily be run directly through the Switcher app. 

Ready to get started with sports streaming? Start your free 14-day trial of Switcher Studio today — stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn, or almost anywhere else. 

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