Louisville, KY, USA (August 17, 2017) - Makers of the original multi-camera streaming app, Switcher Studio, announced a new partnership with leading live video expert, marketing strategist, author and technologist Joel Comm, who will contribute to the company’s content and brand awareness campaign for its growing global footprint.

Comm, who sold a site to Yahoo! in 1998, wrote a New York Times Bestseller and created an iPhone app that went to #1 in the world, has since made live video a staple of his marketing and communications with his audience.

“Bringing Joel Comm on-board will bring a big value to our users,” commented Nick Mattingly, CEO of Switcher, Inc.. “He knows the tech, the strategy component and how to get people to find their WHY for going live. We are looking forward to working with Joel and bringing creators some great content.”

Live video is the most significant development in social media since the invention of the smartphone,” said Comm. “Switcher has an easy to use product, good engineering and incredible customer support. I believe they can lead the market in mobile video creation on platforms like Facebook and YouTube for live video made with your iPhone or iPad.”

Comm has spent recent years building his career and personal brand around live video.

With Switcher, he will leverage his social-media following and live video know-how to help businesses and creators level-up their live video using the Switcher Studio mobile platform.

Along with outreach and education on his personal profiles, Comm will also contribute to the Switcher Facebook and YouTube channels and host “how-to” videos in which he’ll walk creators through some of the challenges they face when going live.

Founded in 2014, Switcher, Inc. has built a mobile production suite that allows content creators to use an iPhone or iPad as a portable video mixer. Easily add photos, videos, overlays, picture-in-picture, multiple angles and more. All you need is Switcher Studio and an iPhone or iPad – record the video output to your primary device and stream live video anywhere with an internet connection.

With its iOS app, desktop tools, cloud services and support, Switcher, Inc. aims to help businesses and creators get the most out of their live video to expand their audiences and grow.

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