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Video Monetization Platform

Don’t rely on ad revenue and algorithms: If you create video content, it’s time to host that content on a video monetization platform that empowers you to monetize your videos on your terms.



Video Monetization with Switcher Studio

There are so many video content monetization options, all you have to do is pick the right one for you. Switcher makes video monetization easy with these powerful tools:

Live Selling

Live Selling

Showcase your products and sell in real time — even connect to Shopify.

Tips and Donations

Tips and Donations

Connect donation platforms or virtual tip jars to your video description.

Gated Content

Gated Content

It’s pay-to-view. Create premium video content and then set your price.

  Turn your website into an online video platform

Turn your website into an online video platform

Step number one to effectively monetizing your video content: Getting that content on your website. Switcher’s white-label HTML5 video players are easy to customize and embed on almost any webpage. 

Livestream to your domain, upload recorded videos, and create video playlists.

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  Drive action with interactivity

Drive action with interactivity

Make your content work for you. Whether you’re livestreaming to your site or fans are watching your videos on-demand, encourage interactivity by adding content and links to your player menus. Viewers can enjoy your content in theater mode, or explore the video description, featured products, linked donations and tithing platforms, and more.

  Earn directly from viewers with gated content

NEW! Earn directly from viewers with gated content

If you create premium video content, now you can earn revenue directly from your video viewers. Enable gated content on any of the videos (or new livestreams) hosted on your Switcher video player. Create a pass, set your price, and then select the videos you want to include in the purchase. From just one video to an entire series, transactional video-on-demand has never been easier.

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Make your videos shoppable

No matter what you sell — from boutique apparel to podcast merch, now you can sell live with video. Add graphics with product photos, descriptions, and pricing information. Boost excitement by featuring guest hosts, offering time-limited promotions, and more. 

Plus, Shopify merchants rejoice! Seamlessly sync and sell your Shopify collections with our Shopify integration, Cartr. Select the collection you want to feature, and it shows up in the Switcher app. Then, display the product on screen with just a tap during your live selling streams. Switcher automatically creates a beautiful call-to-action graphic so your viewers can shop directly from the Player.

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Switcher Studio empowers video creators and businesses to make and share incredible video:


Record, Stream, Edit, Upload

So much more than a livestreaming app — Switcher empowers you to make videos the way you want to.

Add Multimedia Graphics

Customize any of our hundreds of graphics templates, or upload your own. Add photos, b-roll, sound effects, and more.
multistream 1

Built-In Multistreaming

Expand your brand! Stream to multiple platforms at once, including the embeddable Switcher video player.

Multicamera, Multisource

Connect up to nine iOS devices, share Mac or PC screens, invite collaborators, and more — in one dynamic video.

Seamless Integrations

Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitch, Microsoft Stream — Switcher makes it easy to stream to the biggest platforms.

In-App Clips Creator

Don’t waste time exporting and editing in-post. Create a clip in Switcher and share it to Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.

Switcher-Player-Gradient 1Stream directly to your website, or embed prerecorded videos on your domain. Bypass the algorithm and own your video content.

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Switcher Shoutouts

“Over the past four weeks, we have seen a 25% increase in our revenue base year over year and the difference is Cartr and Switcher. Cartr has simplified our process and made it easier for customers to make purchases.”
Photo of Dianne Pruitt
Dianne Pruitt
CEO & Founder of Two Girls Treasure
“I used the Cartr app to go live with our live shopping events on Facebook for our boutique. I love how easy it was to use! The integration was seamless when it came to connecting my products and having orders come through in realtime.”
Photo of Britney Renbarger
Britney Renbarger
Owner, Pink Tag Boutique

4.6 out of 5

Rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 1.6k Reviews on the Apple App Store.

Frequently asked questions

The Switcher Player is an HTML5 video player and can be embedded anywhere you can edit the HTML. If your website builder doesn’t allow JavaScript embeds, we have a simple iFrame version of the Switcher Player's embed code.
We have detailed instructions for embedding the Switcher Player into standard HTML, plus specific website builders like Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify. 
You don’t need a website to use the Switcher Player! We provide a unique Switcher Player URL, so you can still send viewers directly to your content without using a platform with ads or recommendations for other creators. 
No — Switcher doesn’t take any sales fee for Shopify sales made while using the Switcher Player.