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5 Free Livestream Backgrounds to Celebrate World Teacher's Day

by Kate Brannen Smith
October 4, 2020

Our teachers deserve appreciation every year, but, seriously, can we give them some extra love for World Teacher's Day 2020? During these pandemic times, teachers are now tasked with:

  • Becoming tech wizards 
  • Translating lesson plans for the web
  • Navigating changing schedules
  • Managing virtual classrooms
  • Adapting to hybrid education models
  • Helping students with remote education and distance learning
  • Putting their health on the line 

And, oh, yeah, educating future generations. No big deal.

Spruce up your virtual classroom with free backgrounds

This year, in honor of World Teacher's Day on October 5, we're offering a tiny thank-you in the form of five free downloadable background images for your livestreams or remote teaching sessions. These work with any video calling, remote learning, or education livestreaming software that enables background images. (You'll remember that we added the ability to change the background image for your livestreams in Switcher Studio in our 5.1 update.) Check out the backgrounds here and use the button below to download the zipped file. 

Free Education Backgrounds




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As Switcher's content strategy manager, Kate strives to answer the questions of new and expert livestreamers alike. She has spent her career in digital marketing and content strategy and now funnels that experience into helping others plan and create their own video content.

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