Welcome to the digital age, where live streaming has become a powerful tool for businesses. 

Don’t get us wrong — other marketing content is still important. But more than 80% of consumers would rather watch live video from a brand than read their blog or social media posts. 

As if increasing the number of eyes on your content weren’t reason enough to try streaming, there are also quite a few other benefits you stand to gain. Curious to know what those benefits are? Allow us to share them with you. Let’s explore live streaming benefits for business and why you should be streaming. 


1. Increase brand awareness 

If you want your audience to know and recognize your business — you’re going to want to live stream more often. Live streaming is your secret weapon to help you build brand awareness. 

Thanks to social media platforms, live content is often prioritized in users’ feeds. When you go live on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, your live stream is put front and center for viewers. This attracts attention. And the more attention you get, the more viewers watch you.

If you’re also regularly streaming and offering helpful and entertaining content, your viewers will want to share your content with their network (improving your visibility and reach, also known as a win-win). 


2. Receive real-time engagement 

One of the biggest benefits that separates live streaming from other forms of content? The ability to have real-time engagement with your audience. 

Instagram live

Have conversations with your viewers and let them ask questions, answer polls, and give feedback. Not only does this allow for an immediate exchange of thoughts and ideas, but it also creates a more personal viewing experience. When your viewers feel like they’re being listened to and valued, they’ll be more likely to engage with your business


3. Build trust 

Building trust with your audience is crucial because trust creates business loyalty. But when 39% of Americans tend not to trust companies and feel their trust needs to be earned, what do you do? Answer — live stream. 

When you live stream, there’s no editing or post-production phase. Everything that happens gets broadcast to your viewers (goof-ups and all). The fact that you can’t alter live stream content while you film is exactly why it’s so valuable. It builds trust with your audience in a way that photos and traditional videos cannot. 


4. Generate more leads   

Live streaming can be a great driver for achieving your business goals, like generating leads. When you stream, you can easily highlight new products, illustrate features, offer discounts — and encourage viewers to connect with your brand for more info in the process. The immediacy and interactivity of streaming especially works in your favor when it comes to generating leads. 

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5. Increase reach beyond in-person boundaries 

When it comes to physical events, geographical and physical boundaries are a given. Only a limited number of folks who live near the event can attend. 

You don’t have to worry about that with a live streaming event. When you live stream, you can expand your reach beyond your community close by. Invite people to join you from other states and countries. This can mean big savings in travel time and money for you and your attendees.


6. Earn additional revenue

The good news: You can earn extra money through your live streams. The great news: You don’t need a million subscribers to start earning. 

PPV or Ticketed Live Events

You can generate additional revenue no matter how big your following is. Ticket your virtual events or set a subscription fee for an ongoing membership. Of course, free live streams can also offer profit opportunities. Consider selling merch, presenting limited-time offers, or pinning a link in your stream for voluntary donations. 


7. Gain audience insights through analytics 

It’s important to track the success of your content so you can know what’s working and what’s not. Fortunately, many live streaming platforms offer video analytics to help you improve your streams. You’ll be able to find out how many people joined your stream, when they dropped off, and when they were most engaged. 

Video Content Calendar Graphic - 03

These metrics will allow you to assess which parts of your live stream were successful and what may need to change. Then you can create more effective content that resonates with your audience. 


8. Streamline your content creation 

If you’re looking for flexibility in testing different kinds of content, live streaming can certainly provide it. 

There are countless possibilities for live stream events — from quick announcements to longer shows. Your business could offer Q&As, live support sessions, product demos, and more. With this flexibility, you can test which live events suit your business best and attract more viewers


9. Make streams while being mobile 

No need to be tethered to your video equipment at a desk or in a studio. Live streaming allows you to make better content while being mobile, especially when you use a live streaming software app like Switcher. Broadcast “on the go” and easily capture a glimpse behind-the-scenes of your business.

image of phone streaming a fitness class in a sunny studio

This is an especially big plus for small businesses, as there’s no need to invest in a dedicated filming space or even a ton of gear. All you really need is your phone, and you’re good to start streaming anywhere.  


10. Produce reusable content

While live streaming thrives off real-time interaction, that’s not to say it doesn’t have other uses. Your streams can provide reusable content long after you’ve signed off.

 Virtual event - Socials

Record your stream and trim down sections to use for marketing content. Then, share your snippets across your social platforms and emails. This will help you reach a wider audience, entice more people to join your next stream, and give you high-quality content to post quickly (in case you’re having a creative block). 

Did we mention that reusing and repurposing content contributes to the efficiency and scaling of your content strategy? Because, heck yes, it does that too. 


Level up your business with live streaming 

There are plenty of live streaming benefits for business — all you need to do is start creating content with Switcher to enjoy them. Whether your live streams cover product launches, workout classes, gaming sessions, or webinars, our platform can make it happen

Switcher is your all-in-one app to create, edit, and share your live streams. No need for expensive cameras or a complex setup. Our iOS app allows you to create content with just your iPhone or iPad from your home, your studio, or on the go. Not to mention, our built-in multistreaming means you can meet your audience where they are

And editing your stream? Do it easily in real-time — a few taps on the screen allow you to instantly add graphics, multimedia, text, and external video. 

Try Switcher free for 14 days to see how we can be your live streaming solution. 

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