When it comes to hosting a successful virtual event, there are dozens of things you need to get right. One of the most crucial? Your plan of action for selling tickets

To make sure you get the most out of your ticket sales, there are some best practices you can follow. After all, knowing the right setup and marketing strategies is key to increasing sales. 

Here’s our guide on how to sell tickets for a virtual event like a pro. 


What virtual events you can sell tickets for

Before we jump into how to sell tickets for a virtual event, you may be wondering — what virtual events can you sell tickets for? Here are just a few examples of online events you can ticket. 

1-kinds of virtual events


Digital concerts have become increasingly popular for performers and music enthusiasts alike. These events often showcase musicians, soloists, or orchestras performing via a live stream or recorded video. 


Not only do they allow artists a platform from which they can show their talents worldwide — but fans can enjoy the show from the comfort of their homes. 


In some ways, a virtual conference is similar to an in-person one. Attendees go to seminars, learn something new about their industry, get inspired, and build new connections. 

But unlike in-person conferences, people can easily attend from anywhere in the world. This allows for fewer barriers to attending and participating in the event. 


Put simply, a virtual fundraiser is a concentrated fundraising effort for a charity, nonprofit organization, or specific cause. 


Connecting with donors and supporters where they are is one big pull for hosting a virtual fundraiser. But another benefit? There’s no attendance cap like there would be for an in-person event, meaning a better opportunity to raise more funds


Tips to help you promote and sell tickets for your virtual event 

While fun — planning, promoting, and hosting a virtual event is not light work. You need to spend a lot of time and energy on ensuring your event runs smoothly. But don’t let selling and promoting tickets to your event become a forgotten aspect. 

Luckily, there are specific strategies you can use when selling tickets. Here are tips to help you set up, sell, and market your event tickets that will make your attendees excited to buy and tune in. 

Choose the right event ticketing software

First order of business: You need to choose your ticketing software. 

Do your due diligence and find a quality ticketing software. Not only will the right choice make selling tickets easier, faster, and more secure — but many offer access to a range of helpful features. 


These can include online payment processing, customizable ticketing options, and QR code scanning. Besides ticketing features, they may also include live stream creation and destination hosting (like we do at Switcher). This can be extremely helpful if you’re looking for a streamlined option to assist you with other aspects of event planning. 

Create a dedicated event page 

To sell tickets online, a dedicated event page is a must. This is your shop window into the virtual event. It should be good-looking, easy to use, and tell potential ticket buyers what’s in store for them. 

4- Gated Content ex 2

Include the essentials, like the date, time, and ticket price for your online event. Don’t forget the small details, either. This could mean a donation FAQ for your virtual fundraising event. Or, for a digital concert, include the performance lineup to give attendees a sneak peek. 

Be sure to use images on your event page as well. Having captivating images sets a good impression and is an important way to stand out from other event listings. If you can, use images from one of your previous events. Stock photos are okay, but be aware other events might be using the same ones. 

Make sure the price is right  

One of the most complicated parts of the virtual event planning process is determining how to price your event. To help you strike the right balance and find the proper pricing, here are a couple of things to consider. 

First, you need to know the numbers. Create a detailed budget and look at the expenses for your event. How much are you paying for your virtual event software? What will be your marketing costs? Answers to questions like these allow you to get a sense of what you need to charge to break even. 

Also, consider the perceived value of your event. An event's perceived value is the value that guests get by attending. This can come from learning, being entertained, contributing to a valued cause, or feeling part of a community. Focus on what attendees will get out of your event and that will help you determine the price your customers are willing to pay.  

Offer incentives to buy tickets   

Waiting for people to book their tickets to your online event can be stressful. But you don’t have to leave it to fate — you can incentivize early ticket-buying

Offering discounts is a great way to encourage folks to make a move to buy your tickets.

A tried-and-tested option is the early bird discount. Just remember to put an end date to your discount, so you can inspire a bit of urgency in your potential ticket buyers. 

Boost visibility with SEO

Having trouble getting your virtual event to stand out in a sea of content? Search engine optimization (SEO) is your new best friend. By using the right words and phrases, your event can climb up search result pages, boosting visibility and ticket sales

So, how do you know the “right” words and phrases for your event? Imagine what potential event attendees might type into Google to find an event like yours. Then, tools like SEMrush Keyword Research can help you narrow down the most relevant terms to help you rank. 

2- boost visibility with SEO

With your chosen words and phrases picked, incorporate them into your event title and the dedicated page to help promote your online ticket sales.  

Promote with social media   

It’s no secret — if you want to get on the radar of attendees, you need to promote your event on social media. And luckily, the power of social media is practically endless when it comes to reaching an audience

Virtual event - Socials

There are so many different ways to promote your virtual event on social media. If you need help coming up with ideas, try some of these. 

  • Create a Facebook Event. They are free, simple to share, and make keeping track of RSVPs easy work. 

  • Share pictures and videos of your event on Instagram to create buzz and a little FOMO (fear of missing out). 

  • Post Stories on Instagram with a countdown sticker to the event. 

  • Create a hashtag for your event and spread the word through tweets. 

  • If you have partners or guest speakers, have them post about the event on their social media pages. 

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Unlock your virtual event’s full potential  

Whether you need a ticketing platform or an all-in-one virtual event app, Switcher has you covered every step of the way. Our suite of tools makes it easy to live stream and sell tickets to your online event. 

Make registration simple with our fully integrated ticketing platform. Then, sync up to 9 iPhones or iPads to capture every angle of your concert or conference. And we make it easy to edit your video while you stream — no professional videographers needed. 

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