It’s time to jump in front of the cameras and live stream on Instagram. Yes — we said cameras

Live streaming has become an integral part of social media marketing strategies. After all, live streams are the third most popular video content type worldwide (after music videos and “viral” videos). Now, with the introduction of Instagram Live Producer, you can take your IG streams to the next level with a multi-camera setup

In this blog post, we’ll share how you can schedule your own multicam Instagram Lives easily, and how it can help you build an engaged Instagram following. 


What is multiple camera live streaming?

But before we get started, you might be wondering: Just what is multiple camera live streaming?

Multiple camera live streaming is a way to display live feeds from more than one camera within one live broadcast. 


Multicam podcast setup

You’ve undoubtedly seen multicamera video on cooking shows, news programs, interviews, and so on. It’s a great way to create a more dynamic and immersive viewing experience. When it comes to live streams, multiple cameras raise production value, so you can grab and hold audience attention. 

These multiple camera feeds can be displayed one at a time, as live video creators switch between views. Or, multiple angles can be displayed on screen at once, using templates like split screen and picture-in-picture.


Multicam streaming on Instagram Live

Multicam live streaming isn’t new — but multicam live streaming on Instagram is. For years, Instagram kept their platform closed to secondary streaming software, meaning it was essentially impossible to produce multicamera Instagram Live streams from just one Instagram account. 

However, Instagram recently rolled out their Instagram Live Producer, allowing users to stream to Instagram Live with third-party streaming software. This simplified process makes it easier for creators to stream high-quality broadcasts


Why should you be utilizing multicam streaming on Instagram?

So, why does multicam streaming on Instagram even matter? First of all, Instagram offers creators the opportunity to reach billions of people as the fourth most popular social media platform in the world. On top of that, IG Live (especially with multiple cameras), allows you to stand out, build your community, and keep your audience engaged. Let’s go more in-depth as to why you should be utilizing multi-camera IG Lives. 

Increase visibility  

If you want to stand out to your audience, going Live with multiple cameras on Instagram is the way to do it. 

Instagram’s algorithm favors live videos. So, when you go Live, your stream skips to the front of the line of Stories on your followers’ home page. With your live stream being front and center, your visibility increases

Of course, standing out among other IG Lives is another challenge — that’s where multicamera live streaming gives you an edge. Most creators don’t do much more than “talking head” live streams. But with a multi-camera live stream, it’s easy to raise your production value and give your views an unexpected, dynamic experience. 

Build community 

Live streaming isn’t always polished, and things don’t always go according to plan. Which is exactly why this content format can help you connect and build a community.  

Through live streaming, your brand can present ideas, products, and messaging in an honest way (no cuts or edits here). Without the veil of a curated Instagram feed aesthetic, you can give viewers a more authentic window into the human side of your channel. 

Keep audiences engaged 

With a multicam Instagram Live stream, you can keep things interesting for your audience. 

Instead of talking at your audience, you can interact with your audience. Answer questions, get feedback, and engage on a personal level. For small and large businesses alike, interacting with your audience is huge for keeping your viewers engaged and building a personal connection

Utilizing multiple cameras can also make your stream more visually appealing and immersive for viewers. For example, if you’re sharing a specific painting technique in your live painting stream, you may want to show a close-up of the canvas. 

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What equipment do I need for multicam Instagram Live?

The good news: Anyone with an Instagram account and a smartphone can do a multi-camera live stream. Just make sure you have the right gear on hand to make the streaming process smooth sailing. Here are our suggestions for the equipment you’ll want to have for your stream. 

Multicam streaming software

Doing a multicam stream would be pretty difficult without your streaming software. With it, you’ll be able to wirelessly connect all your devices to send all your angles to your IG Live stream. 

Multicamera-fitness 2photos

Not sure what multicam streaming software to choose? When shopping around, consider crucial features like mobility and device compatibility. You may also want to choose software that allows for visual enhancements like logos, graphics, and inviting remote guests to make live streaming even easier. 

Cameras or phones

We know, we know — this sounds straightforward. But we’re mentioning it so you can ensure you have the right number of cameras or phones. To secure all the angles you want, you might need two, three, four, or more devices. Think about all the shots you want to have in your live stream and gather up those devices so you’re set to capture everything. 


Once you’ve gathered your devices, you might also need to account for tripods or stands. Investing in quality tripods can make certain you get stable and professionally framed shots. You can set your phone or camera against a stack of books on a desk for a try-pod alternative. But you’ll miss out on the advantages only tripods can provide, like overhead shots. 


Don’t stream in the dark. Good lighting is key to a good-looking video.


Natural light from a sunny window may be all you need for good visibility. But depending on where you’re streaming, you might need additional light sources (like a ring light) to keep shadows at bay. 


Depending on your goals and level of production you want to achieve, a built-in microphone will probably work fine in most scenarios. If you’re looking for more control of your audio output, consider using external microphones instead.

How do I host a successful multicam Instagram Live session?

If you’re not sure where to start — we’re here to help. From practicing beforehand to measuring success afterward, here’s how to host a successful and engaging multicam IG Live session. 

Prepare and practice

While live streams are more casual and less pre-planned, there is still an element of preparation that needs to happen. When you go into your Live with a plan (even a loosely defined one), you’ll feel much more confident.

First step: Determine your goals and talking points. This will help you avoid any awkward pauses. Now is also a good time to consider logistics. Will there be a co-host? Will there be other guests? Will you be sharing photos or videos? Plan and prepare your content around these aspects. 

Once your plan is defined to your liking, make sure you run a test before you plan to go Live. You don’t need things perfect, but you should check to make sure the audio is clear and the lighting is right. 

Promote in advance 

To have a successful IG Live session, your audience needs to know about it. So create some buzz before it’s time to go Live. 

Share details of the stream (time and date) in your Stories and use a countdown sticker to mark the event. Or, make a post about your upcoming stream and invite your followers to ask questions before you go Live. Just make sure you don’t start promoting too early — otherwise, you risk your audience losing interest or forgetting. Promoting three to four days before your stream is typically the sweet spot. 

Measure success 

When your stream is over, it’s time to measure your success. Revisit the goals and metrics you set before the live stream and assess how your stream performed. Now, use the metrics to inform how to make your future Instagram Lives even better. 


Start multicam streaming on IG with Switcher

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