For mobile video, I recommend size over function when it comes to tripods. Below are a few tripods we use in everyday productions that fit the niche of mobile journalism.
And full disclosure, Manfrotto hasn't sponsored this, we just really like their gear!
For an all purpose tripod, I recommend this one.
This tripod is compact and will fit into an airplane carryon bag. The “joystick” head will allow you to move your shot around to follow the action. Then  you can lock the picture in place when you need a non-moving shot.
The only downfall to this tripod is it might become a little unstable in windy conditions. This might also happen if it has a little too much weight on it. This tripod fits the bill for most mobile video productions.
  1. Lightweight
  2. Small and portable
  3. Easy to setup and use

A more expensive tripod we use for our stationary productions is this one.
This tripod has a little more weight to it making it more sturdy. It doesn’t have a handle to change your shot, making it tougher to change the angle on the go. Once it is set, the camera will remain stationary and not wobble around even in the wind.

One other tripod to mention is the Manfrotto table tripod.
These are great for getting a stable shot on a table, but can serve other purposes as well.  For instance, when we go live, most of the time I have the my director iPad on one of these stands in front of me.  I will also setup a shotgun mic on one and use it to steady my mic and make sure I am getting constant audio quality.

Make sure to find the tripod that fits your needs best. In our case, we need stationary shots.
If you are producing a sports event or something with lots of motion. You might want to look into a tripod with a smoother head.
There are of course more expensive and many different flavors of tripods. The best advice is to try a few out and see what you like best.