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Use Your iPhone As A Webcam
For Unforgettable Virtual Events

Switcher Studio makes it easy to go beyond the capabilities of standard video conferencing platforms. Our Switcher as a Webcam feature lets you use your iPhone as a webcam and output video from Switcher Studio directly into Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet — helping you enhance your virtual and hybrid meetings, webinars, virtual experiences, and more.



Keep your virtual meeting attendees engaged

Virtual meetings don’t have to be boring! Switcher as a Webcam helps keep your attendees engaged by giving your videos a professional look and feel along with enhanced video quality. When you use Switcher as a Webcam, you’re replacing your computer’s low-quality webcam with the high-quality camera of your iPhone or iPad. This means no more blurriness — just crystal clear picture for all attendees!

Outputting video from Switcher Studio to your video conferencing platform lets you bring Switcher’s powerful features into your virtual meetings. Want to brand your Zoom video conferencing? Switcher lets you easily add logos, graphics, and custom colors and fonts. Using Microsoft Teams for webinars? Switcher allows you to customize your content by adding prerecorded video and on-screen text for questions, instructions, tips, fun facts, quotes, and more.

Plus, Switcher as a Webcam is the perfect solution for hybrid meetings. For work teams whose meetings are divided between in-office and remote employees, Switcher as a Webcam allows you to sync and switch between up to nine iOS cameras — letting you show a variety of your employees’ cameras within your video conferencing meeting. You can also pair your connected cameras with a single audio input to eliminate echo and other unwanted audio associated with having multiple people in your meeting that are in the same room.

Virtual Meetings Using Switcher

Immerse participants in your
virtual experiences

Go beyond that same old straight-on camera angle you’ve been using and start creating engaging multicam broadcasts that keep your virtual experience participants tuned in. Switcher lets you sync up to nine iOS cameras and video sources to fully immerse your viewers in the action — anything from virtual wine tastings to virtual museum tours.

Using Switcher as a Webcam, you can bring custom content directly into Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet to create beautiful and engaging virtual experiences that align with your branding.

Whether you’re hosting a virtual murder mystery dinner via a Microsoft Teams livestream, or you’re guiding participants through a bourbon tasting via Zoom livestreaming — Switcher lets you easily add logos, lower thirds, text, titles, graphics, prerecorded video, and a variety of Multiview template options. The end result is a pro-quality video that creates a flawless viewing experience for your participants.

Switcher Shoutouts

Jackie Strouse Golf Channel

"Switcher saves us the cost of hiring outside teams to produce graphics. ...We can use Switcher ourselves — it’s intuitive."

JACKIE STROUSE, Senior Manager of Social Media at Golf Channel

Sarah Kelsey Smart Living

"By using Switcher, employees are able to focus on other projects. One or two people can manage a Switcher Studio shoot versus a full 5- to 10-person team."

SARAH KELSEY, Senior Manager of Smart Living

Alexander Sosa, Associate Pastor and Worship Leader

"We can create quality content with Switcher that's on par with content people are making with these several-thousand-dollar setups, and the phones are getting better and better, which means Switcher can just keep getting better and better."

ALEXANDER SOSA, Associate Pastor and Worship Leader at Life Church