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Boost Sales Online
With Live Shopping

Whether you’re selling the latest apparel, beauty and cosmetics products, or rare collectibles, Switcher Studio helps you create a flawless live shopping experience. Attract customers through branded shoppable livestreams, broadcast and record vertically to provide the ultimate mobile viewing experience, and make video clips to share on social media as promos and teasers.

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Reach your customers with Switcher’s live shopping app

Help customers feel as though they’ve just walked into your store or showroom with an elegantly branded live shopping experience. With Switcher Studio, you can show customers the little details — like how your products are made and what sets them apart — while chatting with them in real time on your favorite livestream shopping platforms.

And because Switcher runs on iPhones and iPads, you don’t need to bring in an outside team or buy expensive gear to start or enhance your live shopping setup. You can quickly spin up high-quality live retail experiences! In just a few taps you can stream to Facebook, YouTube, and nearly anywhere through custom RTMP — or even record videos and create clips to share on your social media pages.

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Virtual Selling Using Switcher

Output live video from Switcher directly into some of the top live selling platforms


Download the Free Live Selling Get Started Guide

Live selling is the next wave of e-commerce, combining interactive live video with the ability to purchase products in real time. Learn how to get started with your own shoppable livestreams in Switcher’s Live Selling Playbook.

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Fast-Track Live Selling on Facebook

Introducing the Copilot Program: Setup, strategy, and support services to get you selling live in 30 days or less. Sync your Shopify products with Facebook, publish your Facebook Shop, and learn how to use the Switcher Studio app to create branded Facebook Live Shopping streams.

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