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Get Fans Fired Up on Facebook Live. 


Streaming events on Facebook Live allows students, alumni and fans to be in the moment with the rest of the crowd no matter where they are. Professional leagues are moving to social live video as a way to complement their existing coverage and enable more people to watch and participate in new and exciting ways. Now, using Facebook Live and tools like Switcher Studio any league, youth, high school or college sport can broadcast coverage of their events on the same platforms straight from their phone for others to see.

The easier you make it for fans to watch games and get information the stronger their relationship with the team and the more engaged and involved they will be. Better yet, there are a ton of opportunities outside of when the clock is running that your team can provide value to fans. Here are some examples:

    • Teaser videos of team match-ups
    • Showing player and team accomplishments leading up to a game
    • Half-time recaps
    • Post game coverage
    • Interviews with the team and coach


Need more ideas for your broadcasts, check out our community's streams here.



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