Online entertainment consumption is at an all-time high. Last year, the most-streamed show on Netflix clocked in at 812 million views — and that was just for the first half of the year! With there being over 200 streaming platforms to choose from and an average of 4.5 hours spent on our phones, I think it’s safe to say that we spend a lot of time consuming media.

If you’re a creator, marketer, (or both), you’ve likely heard the acronym OTT. But what is OTT, and what the heck does it have to do with you?

What does OTT stand for in media?

OTT stands for "over-the-top" and refers to the wide range of media platforms that consumers view every single day on their smartphones, computers, smart TVs — even gaming consoles. OTT includes everything from subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) platforms like Disney+ and Max, to free and ad-supported alternatives like YouTube.

More specifically, OTT platforms are all about creating and offering a catalog of videos. Think: “videos as products.” OTT platforms are about merchandising video catalogs, on-demand training libraries, and more.

In addition to providing scripted content, many of these OTT media platforms offer live streaming, with monetization platforms like Twitch and Kick laser-focusing on gaming. Plus, there are a host of e-learning transactional video-on-demand (TVOD) sites like BBC Maestro, where audiences — both hobbyists and professionals alike — can grow in a specific field of interest.

Check out our article on VOD for a deeper dive into video-on-demand platforms.

OTT platforms have paved the way for content creators to build robust video catalogs and reach their audiences in meaningful, engaging ways. No, not everyone can be a Hulu or a Peacock. But with the advent of OTT services for solopreneurs and small teams, you don’t have to.

Who are the big names in the OTT video industry?

It seems like lifetimes ago that almosthad cable TV. However, the number of households paying for a live TV service has dropped by almost 30 million over the last decade as audiences flock to OTT platforms. Streamed content isn’t the future, it’s now — and it’s here to say.

That said, here are the biggest names in the OTT video industry.


With one of the most diverse content libraries out there, Netflix is one of the biggest OTT platforms in the highly competitive streaming market. In addition to producing original content, their licensing agreements continue to expand — ensuring a steady influx of new and popular content to keep their paid subscribers engaged.


Amazon Prime Video

Part of the Amazon Prime subscription, Amazon Prime Video provides a wide range of movies, TV shows, and original programming. It’s one of the more popular streaming services, given its connection to

amazon prime video


The OG. Arguably the most popular OTT platform in the video industry, YouTube makes merchandising video libraries easy for content creators — and makes consuming video easy for audiences. Plus, monetization options empower creators to earn recurring revenue from their livestreams and recorded videos. What makes it a real juggernaut, though, is its YouTube TV offering, including a ton of channels and even NFL Sunday Ticket.


Apple TV+

Apple’s streaming service offers a growing collection of original content, including TV shows, movies, and documentaries. Like Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+ benefits greatly from its parent, the manufacturer of the iPhone—one of the most popular pieces of tech in the world. The Apple TV+ app comes installed on all new iPhones and iPads (though it does require a paid subscription).

apple tv


Vimeo has built a reputation for hosting high-quality videos, and it has been a preferred platform for filmmakers, artists, and creatives who prioritize video quality. The platform allows users to upload videos in HD and 4K resolution, supporting professional-grade content. There are also advanced analytics and no limit to how much you can upload.



The combination of live streaming, community engagement, monetization opportunities, and a diverse content ecosystem makes Twitch a significant platform for creators across various fields. It has become a place where creators can build a loyal audience, express their creativity, and potentially turn their passion into a profession.


Do you need an OTT media service?

In short: yes. We’ve already seen how much media is consumed online (and how much time people spend on their phones). So, if you’re a creator, the real question becomes: How badly do you want to reach your audience?

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re unsure about what OTT media services offer:


Many OTT platforms produce original content that is exclusive to their service. If there are specific shows or movies that audiences want to watch that are only available on a particular platform, subscribing to that service may be necessary. And, for full-time video content creators, paid subscribers are everything.

Trial periods

Many OTT platforms offer free trial periods, and audiences (rightly) take advantage of these trials to explore the content libraries, features, and overall user experience before committing to a subscription.


Many viewers will be evaluating the cost of OTT subscriptions compared to traditional cable or satellite TV services. Depending on viewing habits, an OTT service is likely going to be a cost-effective alternative for most. Especially since they're choosing specific platforms (and content) based on their preferences.

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Live streaming 

Live selling, gaming, expert AMAs (ask me anything), and so much more: Live streaming is a big component of OTT. Audiences love watching creators in real-time, and sometimes the content demands live streaming. (Think religious services and e-learning instructors.)


Many OTT platforms offer what cable TV never could: an opportunity for audiences to connect with their favorite creators. There’s also no shortage of ​​social features, which allow users to discuss and share content with their community.

Watch anywhere

This is the biggest differentiator between OTT platforms and traditional live TV. Most (if not all) OTT services are designed to be accessible across a range of devices, like your phone, tablet, smart TV, and — well, you get the picture.

What does Switcher Studio do?

So where does Switcher Studio come in? I’m so glad that you asked.

Switcher empowers content creators to be able to monetize their video content on their terms. That means uploading playlists of videos on-demand, or livestreaming directly to their website.

Switcher player subscriptions ott

In other words: Switcher is a simple way for creators to create, then curate a library of video content on any website. And you can do it all with just one subscription.

Meet your audience where they are

Break up with the algorithm and take ownership of your content. Embed Switcher video players and stream directly to a webpage or private link. Upload recorded videos, select your offline display — and even turn your website into a library of content by curating video playlists.

Want to expand your brand? Our curation tool has seamless direct integrations with most major platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch, plus built-in Multistreaming functionality.

Organize and catalog content

Host and manage your entire video library in one place: Upload, stream, share, and showcase your content. Keep your fans on your platform by curating video playlists, or engage your audience with fully customizable, branded livestreams on your domain.

podcast playlist example website

Earn recurring revenue

Amplify your earnings with flexible video subscriptions right on your website. Curate and gate videos and live streams, monetize your content on your terms and earn recurring revenue directly from supporters.

Maximize earnings

Don’t just want to sell videos, but also want to sell products? We also offer a Cartr Shopify integration, which allows merchants to access their product collections directly in the Switcher Studio app. While you show off your products, you can display product graphics on-screen with just a tap. Sell live on your website with the Switcher Player, or on Facebook Live using Comment to Cart.

Ready to give Switcher Studio a try and build your own video content catalog? Sign up for FREE for 14 days and take our features for a spin.

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