Switcher Studio + YouYube

Switcher Studio makes it easier than ever to create professional, multi-cam video on YouTube.


Switcher Studio allows you to sync a YouTube account and go LIVE with a single tap.  YouTube streaming has never been easier. Designed to give video content creators a professional video experience without the hassle and expense of traditional production equipment, Switcher Studio offers professional-caliber features for creating video using iPhones and iPads.


With Switcher Studio you can:

  • Create Dynamic Video: Use the built-in camera on your iPhone or iPad and insert photos, graphics, video and overlays in your video. 
  • Share Computer Screen: bring you computer in as a source and setup picture-in-picture.
  • Be the Director! Make edits on the fly and walk away from your event with a finished video.
  • Record 1080p HD broadcast quality video using “Director Mode” and dial in advanced settings to take complete control of your production.
  • Add multiple wireless cameras without huge upfront equipment costs by connecting additional iPhones and iPads to your wireless network.


One Click Live Streaming Directly to YouTube

Broadcast live video to YouTube with just a single tap. Sync your Switcher account with YouTube using “Switcher Cloud Services” and start broadcasting directly from the app.

  • Enable YouTube NOW to go live at a moment's notice.
  • Select from previously scheduled events and manage advanced settings.
  • Create NEW YouTube events directly in the app.
  • Set video availability to public, private or unlisted.
  • Get share URL’s for your YouTube LIVE events to post on Twitter, Facebook and more!


Switcher Studio's Advanced Features:

  • Assign one iOS device as your 'main switcher.' Record on the main switcher only, or record on all cameras. You decide what's best.
  • Set the app to Broadcast LIVE without using storage on your device. Now users don’t have to delete photos or apps to create their video events.
  • Output your program feed or the entire screen to a TV, a projector or an external monitor with HDMI output and AirPlay support.


More about Switcher Studio Director Mode:

  • Assign fixed frame rates to your final composition.
  • Capture 1080p HD broadcast quality from multiple angles using iOS devices.
  • Manage advanced settings and record video at bitrates of up to 50MB.
  • Record only, or broadcast at any quality while simultaneously capturing in HD.
  • Preview the completed video on your device as soon as you stop recording.
  • Composite TV quality video directly on your iPhone or iPad and upload immediately.
  • Export your compositions to Apple Final Cut Pro X to make additional edits before publishing (special instructions available for exporting to other editing software).
  • Edit in FCPX knowing all your angles are automatically in sync and cuts/transitions made during production are still intact going into post-production by using “Switcher Media Manager” for MAC.

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More Than an App

Switcher Studio was started by video pros with a dream to help others produce great video easier, cheaper and faster. We use our expertise to help you make better live video.

That expertise has grown with our user base and now an engaged and supportive community exists for you to share and grow. The Switcher Studio team remains a constant presence and  it's here where we learn what our members need and how to improve—we’re always here to help.

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